Risk Management

What is Risk Management? Risk management is the process of identifying, monitoring and managing potential risks. The primary aim of risk management is to minimise or negate unfavourable […]

A3 Report

What is an A3 Report? An A3 Report is a tool used for solving problems in your business processes. As the name suggests it is a […]

Pareto Priority Index

What is Pareto Priority Index? The Pareto Priority Index is a formula for calculating the costs and benefits of a project. The index is about selecting […]

5S Methodology

What is 5S Methodology? 5S is a workplace organisation method that comes from the Toyota Production System. This methodology is about keeping the workplace tidy […]

Process Hierarchy

What is Process Hierarchy? Often referred to as process architecture, a process hierarchy organises your processes around your organisational goal. A process hierarchy is a […]

Process Improvement

What is Process Improvement? Business Process improvement is the act of aiming to find, analyse and act on methods for improvement in a business. Process […]

Business Process Optimisation

Business Process Optimisation Business process optimisation is the act of incrementally changing business processes with the aim of improving effectiveness and efficiency. Firstly, what is […]

Workflow Management System

What is Workflow Management System? Workflow management systems provide a platform for workflow management and process automation. A workflow management system is a digital tool […]