Automate tasks, registrations and compliance reporting

Ensure that all repetitive tasks are done in time. Every time. Automate compliance reporting and make remote auditing easier. 

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Run process
flows as cases

Track that end-to-end processes are completed correctly every time – across every role or department.

Louise Hellmund Quality Manager, Berry Superfos

“We still have a large number of IT systems but Gluu is where work starts in most cases.”
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Louise Hellmund Quality Manager, Berry Superfos

Use templates for variations
Set up unique sequence and task logic per variation.

Assign to role or individual
Delegate to anyone with role or assign to specific individuals.

Visual dashboard
See real-time task status across roles and cases.

1-click report on each case
Print instant status reports per case for easy sharing.

Add scheduled tasks to any activity
Send the right task to the right person.

Be informed if tasks are not done in time
Monitor that tasks are done in time.

Distribute forms
Create forms for detailed registrations.

Export to your calendars
Add selected tasks to Outlook.

Show history and export with ease
1-click reporting for easy audits.

Flag tasks for follow-up
Show and respond to deviations.


Automate and track scheduled tasks

Make sure that all regular tasks are done by the right role at the right time across your processes. Monitor, report and audit with ease.


Design digital forms to distribute with tasks

Digitalize paper forms and distribute them with tasks to ensure registrations are done.

Common form library
Create standard forms and reuse them across Gluu.

AES encrypt form data
Rock solid security for forms with sensitive data.

Conditional fields
Make forms intelligent by showing fields based on user’s choice.

Send form data to Office 365
Map form fields to Microsoft to avoid any data entry.

Capture structured data
Add forms to activities to capture data on e.g. data and systems.

Native Gluu app for Android and iOS

Task, instruction and feedback in one place
The right person sees the right task at the right time.

Show video instructions
Understand tasks that cannot be written down.

Take photos when doing tasks
Prove compliance and track errors.

Comment and ask questions
Capture learnings from the front-line.

Use with all Gluu tasks and forms
Just download the app and sign in.


Made for work outside the office

Gluu’s apps make it easy to see instructions and complete tasks and forms outside the office.

Business problems that Execute helps solve

Digital registrations save time

90% time saving when delegating and working with forms.

Manage preventive maintenance

Set up recurring tasks with forms to ensure that nothing is forgotten and all is registered.

Document quality problems

Take photos to document and analyze supplier problems.

Non-conformance reporting

Track and report any deviation in your critical processes and avoid a separate system.

Meet compliance requirements

Filter activities based on compliance need such as risk and GDPR.

Digitize case flows

Execute tasks across roles to ensure faster completion with fewer errors and better documentation.

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