Stop being unsure how
IT systems support
business processes

With Gluu business users take ownership of processes and map how assets, systems and bots are used. This lets IT Leaders get a bottom-up perspective of how IT systems are being used.

Better knowledge of business use informs projects, upgrades and system decisions for better alignment and lower cost.

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Avoid a siloed view
of the business

Gluu helps you bridge the gap between business and IT by letting business users map processes.

This lets you browse how business users think processes, systems, roles, bots and assets connect.

Julie norlys

“Our processes have been anchored from top to bottom in the group”. Read case

Julie Jensen, Process Consultant, Norlys

IT Leaders, Gluu

Browse asset relationships using any filter or combination of filters.

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Inventory of processes and assets

Retrieve a full inventory of all assets in the business.

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Assess the impact of changes

Report on how specific systems are used in the business.

IT Leaders, Gluu

Gluu empowers Process Owners to maintain and control both business processes and bots by RPA or AI.


Fewer problems when letting the business manage their bots

Gluu lets you assign clear process owners to own both processes and their related assets and bots.

Non-technical process owners can maintain processes and Gluu then informs AI and bots of changes.

This means fewer IT support cases.

“Great software, easy to use, extremely visual and possible to build without any IT knowledge.”

Kion S., Partner


Lower human risk through process transparency

Gluu enables you to map the processes behind systems and people. This makes risks easier to see and manage.

Jens Lund

“Good for making processes relevant for business users”

Jens O., Enterprise Architect, Information Technology and Services

IT Leaders, Gluu

Mark activities that are particularly risky and report consistently across the business.

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Retire legacy systems

No more risky old systems to manage each process.

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Control risky processes

Get high risk processes fully under control.

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Move to Microsoft’s cloud

Gluu is hosted on Azure as your other systems.

Outcomes for IT Leaders

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Retire legacy systems
Move processes from old, end-of-life systems into a single, modern Microsoft-based tool.

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Ease ERP implementation
Save time and cost by using Gluu as a flexible layer on top of your ERP system. Connect with Dynamics 365.

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Meet compliance needs
Filter activities based on compliance needs such as ISO, risk and GDPR.

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Reduce IT and training cost
Reduce license numbers by knowing who needs access to which system.

Explore how Gluu helps different roles ⬇️


Process Leaders
avoid poor process
use and governance.


Quality Leaders
avoid quality systems that are separate from daily operations.


Operations Leaders
avoid reinventing the wheel.


IT Leaders
stop being unsure how
IT systems support
business processes.


avoid leaving their clients
with just a slide deck.


ERP Project Leader
Lower the risk
of ERP project failure. 

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