A single overview
of how processes perform

Measure and report on compliance with ease.
Save time when controlling and auditing work.

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Power BI
Process Cycle Improve


Real time process
compliance overview

See where cases and tasks are not being completed (in time) across all your processes.

Scheduled task compliance
Spot problem work activities—and the roles that are not doing them.

Company task calendar
A common overview of all recurring tasks across all processes.

Case compliance
See all active and completed cases from all processes.

Multiple filters
Filter on process, role, length, date and more.

Comment and take photos with the app
Get input when work is done.

Label comments for follow-up
Tag as idea, issue, deviation for analysis.

Filter by time range and label
Sort through 100s of comments with ease.


Capture ideas and issues in the work situation

Ensure ongoing feedback from people that work with processes – as a comment stream and sent directly to the right process owner and editors.


Change and communicate in a single flow

7x faster from getting feedback to notifying the right colleagues about a change.

1-click to Agree or Disagree
Simplify approvals and shorten time from decision to update.

Manage rights by process
Delegate process ownership to the right people.

Hide resolved issues
Hide closed issues from users to minimize noise.

Reply to the right people
Make that only the people that work with the process are notified.

Business problems that Improve helps solve

Sustain your Lean program

Go from 10% to 90% involvement in continuous improvement.

Keep processes updated

Delegated and automated change management ensures more frequent updates.

Actionable frontline feedback

Input to the right person in the right context eases improvement.

Engage employees

Feedback from frontline staff increases motivation and engagement.

Meet compliance requirements

Filter activities based on compliance need such as risk and GDPR.

Spot training needs in time

Process non-compliance shows poor instructions or staff training.

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