What is a Competency Matrix?

Role Competency Matrix (RCM) is a graphical representation of the roles and competencies of the employees in an organization.

It is a tool that highlights which competencies exist within your company and what your employees strengths are. Moreover, RCM also uncovers the weaknesses and pitfalls of your employee’s competencies. RCM is designed to help you define and visualize your employees skillset and required competencies. It is mainly used for:

  • understanding the competency/experience level of your employees
  • developing the competencies that are needed to fulfill your business objectives
  • identify competency gaps and room for improvement
  • finding out which competency areas are high-risk
  • as a base for developing training programs
  • it sets a clear vision for professional development
  • recruit higher-quality staff

Steps to build a competency matrix

  1. Define your employees and their job role
  2. Determine the needed skills for the specific job role
  3. Create a method of assesment (for example: expert, practioner, novice, etc.) and evaluate each team member’s competencies
  4. Reflect on the data and find ways to develpp the missing skills

RCM Example

The competency matrix comes in various templates. Here is one example of how it can look like. What to use this template? Download it here.

Competency Matrix by job role

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Source: RCM (Karuba M., 2019), Springer.