Lower the risk
of ERP project failure 

Most ERP projects fail when business expectations don’t align with project scope. Gluu gives ERP Project Leaders a collaborative process space in which to bring together business and IT stakeholders – from the initial project scoping all the way through final operations. 

Better alignment around business processes reduces the risk of cost overruns, delays and poor user adoption. 

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ERP Project Leader, Gluu


Avoid customization
if at all possible 

Gluu lets you show ERP system standards in business processes. 

This makes it clear whenever business stakeholders want to deviate from the standard and documents any changes to the standard automatically.

Thomas Riisager

“Gluu lets me engage my clients staff in working with their business processes. Its great to be able to collaborate online via Teams and Gluu.”

Thomas R., Business Advisor, Management Consulting

ERP Project Leader, Gluu

Show which standard processes that are in scope.

ERP Project Leader, Gluu

Import processes

Copy/paste multiple processes to Gluu for quick transfer.

ERP Project Leader, Gluu

Versioning and approvals flow

Turn revisions into formal versions and ensure the right people approve before publishing.

ERP Project Leader, Gluu

Capture comments turn them into change suggestions – while reviewing processes and activities.


Simple process mapping

Map using five basic shapes for easier understanding by end users.


Create work instructions and SOPs

Add text, images, video, links and files to any activity in any process. This lets you show why and how work is done.


No delay in delivering business value 

By bringing business stakeholders into the project from the start, Gluu lets the business side work on process development, while IT work on systems and integrations. 

When business process and IT connect like hand in glove, then time-to-value shortens. 

“Great software, easy to use, extremely visual and possible to build without any IT knowledge”

Kion S, Partner, Management Consulting


Stop fearing
software upgrades

Cloud systems are upgraded continuously. This may disrupt business operations – or miss improvement opportunities. Gluu connects processes, activities and ERP system features in a visual overview

This lets you quickly asses the impact of new software releases. 

Sofie Nørby Ulriksen

“Fantastic product, plug & play use, no IT hassle, great pricing model (SaaS)”

Sofie N., Partner

ERP Project Leader, Gluu

Show which components that are used to support specific business activities.

ERP Project Leader, Gluu

Process connection maps

Filter to show – and navigate – how processes and activities connect.

ERP Project Leader, Gluu

Automatic process numbering

Define your numbering system and let Gluu manage 5-level numbering automatically.


Advanced, shared filtering

Create powerful filters to share specific collections with colleagues or in custom overview pages.


Label to group and find content

Use labels to tag any process, activity, comment or work instruction and make special collections.

ERP Project Leader, Gluu

Gluu empowers Process Owners to maintain and control both business processes and bots by RPA or AI.


Reuse common assets as building blocks

Create a shared repository of e.g. systems, links, legal texts and competencies and reuse these components across all work instructions.


Ask questions to understand work

Let business users ask questions to specific activities or the process in general.


Lower your reliance on experts

Gluu helps you to turn tacit business operations knowledge into clear and visual processes, activities and components that can be used and reused by process owners. 

This means less reliance on expert knowledge and more access to junior and new staff.  

“Good and direct support during setup and system learning, which makes you able to proceed the system setup.”

Torben E., Bid and Process Manager, Construction

How Gluu for ERP helps… 

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All employees

  • Understand how to work the right way using the new ERP systems. 
  • Feel confident that you are not making errors. 
  • Ask questions and report issues and incidents during go-live. 
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ERP Project Leaders

  • Engage business stakeholders across time and space. 
  • Prove fit with business needs. 
  • Keep everyone informed about changes. 
  • Document changes throughout the project. 
  • Save time on admin and communications. 
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  • Reduce project failure risk. 
  • Lower disruption of operations.
  • Lower risk from experts leaving. 

Explore how Gluu helps different roles ⬇️


Process Leaders
avoid poor process
use and governance.


Quality Leaders
avoid quality systems that are separate from daily operations.


Operations Leaders
avoid reinventing the wheel.


IT Leaders
stop being unsure how
IT systems support
business processes.


avoid leaving their clients
with just a slide deck.


ERP Project Leader
Lower the risk
of ERP project failure. 

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