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Gluu Partners with UKA Group to help Streamline the Work with Green Energy Transition

Gabriel Hourigan
Last updated on 21/03/2024

In a stride toward accelerating the global transition to a zero-emissions energy supply, Gluu has proudly announced its partnership with UKA Group, a leading developer of green energy parks worldwide. This collaboration is set to transform UKA’s operational efficiencies through the implementation of Gluu’s BPM tool.

UKA Group, recognizing the limitations of relying on traditional tools like Excel and Visio capturing and communicating the company’s internal best practices, embarked on a comprehensive search for a robust BPM tool. The need for a scalable solution that could engage around 1,000 employees across the globe in a unified, best-practice-based approach was paramount. Gluu’s BPM solution emerged as the top choice after a meticulous evaluation process against other leading market vendors, offering unparalleled ease of use, effective communication capabilities, and the inclusion of work instructions for regular business users. 

Stefan Mieth, Team Leader for Process and Knowledge Management within UKA, lauded Gluu’s platform, stating,

“Gluu stood out by its superior capabilities in making process knowledge accessible to all kinds of employees in our company. This is key for us to enable real sharing of best practices and empower our employees.”

This endorsement highlights Gluu’s effectiveness in fostering an environment where best practices are not just formulated but actively shared and implemented. 

Søren Pommer, Founder and CEO of Gluu, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying,

It’s been a long and very thorough evaluation and test process, and we’re proud and happy to be selected among the leading vendors in the BPM market.”

This selection underscores Gluu’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the BPM space, setting a new standard for process management solutions. 

The implementation phase has already commenced, with Gluu’s Head of Customer Success, Louise Svenstrup, working closely with Stefan Mieth and his team. Together, they are developing a robust process architecture and laying the groundwork for a successful global rollout.  

About UKA Group  

As a full-service developer, the UKA Group plans, builds, operates, and sells wind and photovoltaic (PV) farms. It provides sustainable power supplies in Germany, Europe and America that are independent of fossil energy imports, ensure low electricity generation costs, and are climate-friendly. UKA is an owner-managed company that has been pursuing a long-term business strategy since its founding in 1999. The company’s employees are committed to delivering the best possible project results that meet the highest criteria for quality and economic efficiency. All projects are systematically advanced, even when external circumstances require an extra measure of patience and perseverance.    

The UKA Group is one of the leading project developers for renewable energies in Germany. UKA’s project pipeline in all its markets currently exceeds 19 gigawatts. In addition, the Group’s asset management subsidiary UKB handles the technical and commercial management of wind and PV farms in Germany.  

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