Avoid quality being a concern only for the QHSE function

Gluu meets all requirements for software to support your integrated quality and QHSE management system. What separates Gluu from traditional QHSE software is that your management system becomes a natural part of core business processes and work instructions – and in this way your colleagues’ daily work.

This means that quality becomes everyone’s business. The result is fewer human errors.

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Quality Leaders, Gluu


No more separate quality software

Gluu easily covers your integrated management system. You can document, communicate and control your Quality and HSE standards in one place.

“Good and direct support during setup and system learning, which makes you able to proceed the system setup.”

Torben E., Bid and Process Manager

Quality Leaders, Gluu

Manage all standards, compliance needs, processes, tasks and reporting with one system.

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Make sure that no critical task is forgotten

Add scheduled tasks to processes and ensure no-one forgets anything.

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Show risks across processes

Get a consistent way of marking risky activities across the company.

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Delegate process ownership effectively

Let process owners and manage specific processes without loosing control.

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Show process and SOP connections

Map and connect processes and work instructions.

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Prove compliance for faster auditing

Show how, where and when each task is completed.

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Make collections by compliance standard

Label content related to a specific standard such as ISO 9001 to show auditors.

Quality Leaders, Gluu

Automatic tasks with forms make reporting a by-product of work.

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A single overview of critical tasks

Schedule critical tasks to run automatically and show in a task calendar.

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Manage incidents in your best practice way

Built-in case management lets you manage incidents.

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Manage claims

Customize your own customer claims management flow.

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Let users access content in any work situation

See work instructions and complete tasks via QR codes, mobile apps, PDF guides or short links.

case search audit

Full audit trail for easy traceability

Track changes for compliance with standards.


Prove that critical tasks are done

Filter and run reports on all completed cases and tasks.

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Easy access to data for analysis

1-click export of data for further analysis or reporting.

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Document non-confirmities with photos

Ensure a structured collection of data for e.g. supplier evaluations.


Stop recording work
to prove compliance

Log and report completed tasks – and forms automatically. No more documentation after work is done.

Julie norlys

“Gluu is a great tool to to raise quality awareness.”
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Julie Jensen, Process Consultant, Norlys


End after-work training on over-time pay

Gluu lets you create, run and manage all kinds of online trainings. Use videos and multiple choice questions delivered via mobile apps to document mandatory trainings.

This means that trainings are taken during the normal workday. The result is up to 80% savings on training and management cost.

“Great software, easy to use, extremely visual and possible to build without any IT knowledge.”

Kion S., Partner

Quality Leaders, Gluu

A training in Gluu is just another process flow being executed with a series of activities done by employees with selected roles.

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Localize training content

Translated selected processes and activities to support the needs of local production sites.

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Create and user your own content

Record offline training sessions and move them online with ease.

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Train lots of employees in one flow

Send trainings to all employees in one go.

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Prove compliance for faster auditing

Show how, where and when each training is completed.

How Gluu for Quality helps…

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All employees

  • Understand how to work the right way.
  • Feel confident that you are not forgetting tasks.
  • Reduce time spent on documentation.
  • Ask questions and report issues when work is done.
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Quality Leaders

  • Make Quality, Health, Safety and Environment everyone’s business.
  • Pass audits by proving compliance.
  • Keep everyone informed about changes.
  • Easier onboarding and training to raise awareness.
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  • Reduce quality and compliance cost.
  • Fewer IT systems.
  • Ensure a more agile quality effort.

Explore how Gluu helps different roles ⬇️


Process Leaders
avoid poor process
use and governance.


Quality Leaders
avoid quality systems that are separate from daily operations.


Operations Leaders
avoid reinventing the wheel.


IT Leaders
stop being unsure how
IT systems support
business processes.


avoid leaving their clients
with just a slide deck.


ERP Project Leader
Lower the risk
of ERP project failure. 

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