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View and execute processes, instructions and tasks.


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Create, edit and execute processes, instructions and tasks.


user / seat / month paid annually

Features‘Basic’ seats are for users
that just need to view and execute
‘Pro’ seats are for users that both create, edit, view and execute
Process management ↗️
View processesPricing, GluuIs present
Process mappingIs present
Change log, roll-back and restoreIs present
Map with BPMN 2.0Is present
View BPMN 2.0 Is presentIs present
Create PDF guidesIs presentIs present
Reuse and connect processesIs present
Process Architecture ↗️
View and filter process collectionPricing, Gluu
Automatic process numberingIs present
Manage edit rights by processIs present
Clone processesIs present
Access process templatesIs present
Interactive process connection mapIs present
Work instruction management ↗️
View work instructionsPricing, Gluu
Create work instructions with files, links, images and videoIs present
Link to SharePoint and Google filesPricing, GluuIs present
Create PDF guidesIs present
Create and reuse componentsIs present
Change log, roll-back and restoreIs present
Communications management ↗️
Comment on processes and activitiesIs presentIs present
Agree / disagree with comments and ideasPricing, GluuIs present
Manage improvement suggestionsIs present
1-click change communicationsIs present
Task management ↗️
View and complete tasksPricing, Gluu
Create recurring tasksIs present
Upload files to tasksPricing, GluuIs present
Comment on tasksPricing, GluuIs present
Monitor task completionIs present
Create formsIs present
View task calendarsPricing, GluuIs present
Filter form dataIs present
Case and Project Management ↗️
Start, view and complete casesPricing, Gluu
Create case templatesIs present
View automatic case reportsIs present
Export cases to SharePointIs present
Manage deadlines
Set time targetsIs present
Create automatic case folders in SharePointIs present
Clone doc templates to SharePoint foldersIs present
General features ↗️
Personalize overview pageIs presentIs present
Give simple access to external partiesIs present
Single Sign On via MicrosoftIs presentIs present
Manage access via AD groupsIs present
Manage labelsIs present
Connect to Google DatastudioIs present
Connect to Microsoft PowerBIIs present
Print user CVsIs present
Get QR codes to view and start tasksIs presentIs present
API browserIs present
Microsoft Teams integrationPricing, GluuIs present
Account audit logIs present

We offer special features and services for larger companies

Features to localize selected processes, connect accounts and ensure advanced user provisioning, rights and access control.

Custom services to transfer your current processes into Gluu, integrations, training and more. SLA and dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the trial work?

During 30 days you will get free access to Gluu with unlimited seats. You can invite colleagues and start testing immediately and evaluate if Gluu is the platform for you. We consider all trial members full customers.

What happens when our trial ends?

Then your card will be charged for the plans and numbers you have selected in the ‘Billing’ section. Your trial account will then automatically become a regular account. You can click cancel any time during the trial period to avoid any charges.

If you didn’t add a card and decide not to continue after your trial, then we’ll automatically delete your account and data after the trial ends.

How do we cancel our account after adding a card?

Simply log in, go to ‘Billing’ and click cancel. Your plan is then cancelled from the next billing period and your credit card isn’t charged any more.

Can we get our content, if we stop as a Gluu customer?

Yes! We don’t want to hold hostage. This is why we make it easy to print each process, role and activity page. You can also export your process, activities and task history as .csv files for use elsewhere.

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