Avoid reinventing the wheel

With processes connected to work instructions, communications and tasks Gluu can help you get to a standard way of working that more employees can understand and will help improve.

This helps you as an Operations Leader by easing knowledge transfer, increasing agility and reducing error rates. The result is fewer errors and lower cost.

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Operations Leaders, Gluu


Stop treating every case as unique

Run cases and projects from your agreed standard every time. This ensures a better flow of tasks across roles, departments, and suppliers – and a chance to learn from every case.

Operations Leaders, Gluu

“We have been able to increase revenue by 30% with the same headcount due to our digitalization with Gluu.”

Kim Larsen, CEO, VME A/S

Operations Leaders, Gluu

Gluu lets you complete any order, claim, case or project as a standardized process.

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Documented processes and SOPs

Turn each activity into an organized work place through clear work instructions that follow Lean 5S.

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Run preventive maintenance

Manage the life cycle of any fixed asset – in your own way.

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Engage frontline staff in process improvement

Collect suggestions from the work situation and ensure they are treated properly.

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Improve onboarding

Run your own custom onboarding flows for new employees.

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Retain and transfer know-how

Tacit knowledge is gradually transferred from experienced to new staff – across time and space.

Operations Leaders, Gluu

Manage all cases or projects through a single overview.

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A single portfolio overview per case or project type

A single place where all orders, cases or projects show in real time.

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Project controlling based on a single standard

Drill down to understand which tasks that are delaying projects.

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Improvement analysis to remove waste

Analyse the Throughput Time of comparable cases to learn and improve.

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Get activity data into your general dashboards

Show any data from Gluu in your PowerBI and other dashboards.


Lower the risk of forgetting critical tasks

Gluu helps you to standardize work orders, cases or projects for a single, real-time overview.

It is easy to apply new learnings to all projects and cases, so that everyone follows your latest best-practice.

Hans Jørgen Ebbesen

“With better overview staff can help each other to get work done in the right order and on time.” Read case

Hans Jørgen Ebbesen,


Avoid missing
critical deadlines

Create a common calendar per role, function or department with recurring tasks from all processes. This helps ensure that nothing is forgotten, even if a key employee is not at work.

Operations Leaders, Gluu

“It makes it easier to follow the procedure.”

Ole Brøker, Machine Operator, Superfos

Operations Leaders, Gluu

Gluu can show calenders with all scheduled tasks for specific roles.

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Delegate regular tasks efficiently

Ensure that recurring, time-based tasks are not forgotten if an employee is absent.

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Report on task status and history

Tasks are logged for easy follow-up and audting.

running employee training on a mobile application

Android and Apple apps let frontline staff access processes, work instructions and task from anywhere.

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View instructions and start cases with QR codes

Place QR code labels on equipment and scan to view work instructions and start cases.

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Made for easy use by staff that don’t want to read long manuals

Used by 1000s of blue-collar workers every day.

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Automate the transfer of photos from the frontline

Take photos and automatically save them to file folders.


Ensure that processes are not only used by office staff

Make frontline employees on the road, the construction site or the factory floor work inside any process. They just get work instructions and tasks at the right time and can learn, comment and complete tasks directly on a phone or a tablet.

This makes regular employees part of your process and results in higher compliance, improvements and 70-90% time savings.

Jacob Lund

“We see big-time savings by not having to handle our record keeping on paper anymore. Our registrations happen inside the app now..” Read case

Jakob Lund,
Factory Manager

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Process Leaders
avoid poor process
use and governance.


Quality Leaders
avoid quality systems that are separate from daily operations.


Operations Leaders
avoid reinventing the wheel.


IT Leaders
stop being unsure how
IT systems support
business processes.


avoid leaving their clients
with just a slide deck.


ERP Project Leader
Lower the risk
of ERP project failure. 

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