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Gluu makes your Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) processes easier to understand, execute and improve. Avoid a separate tool for each business function and simplify your employee experience.

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PBM Case - Report production deviation

Report Production Deviation

Process outcome: Deviation has been analysed and handled

PBM Case - Handle claims and non-conformities

Handle Claims and Non-Conformities

Process outcome: Claims and non-conformities handled according to our standard.

PBM Case - Manage dispensation

Manage Dispensation

Process outcome: A dispensation is issued for a limited number of items, or for a limited period of time.

PBM Case - Manage measuring equipment

Manage Measuring Equipment

Process outcome: Ensuring the availability and use of suitable monitoring and measuring resources

PBM Case - Conduct internal audit

Conduct Internal Audit

Process outcome: Audit planned, scheduled, held and reported.

PBM Case - Review and update process

Review and Update Process

Process outcome: All processes reviewed and updated.

PBM Case - Handle all governmental permits

Handle All Governmental Permits

Process outcome: All environmental permits have been checked and an assessment is made

PBM Case - Covid 19 Risk Assesment

Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Process outcome: Ensuring the safety of all clients and employees from being infected by COVID-19.

PBM Case - Power Outage

Power Outage

Process outcome: How to start the back up of power if the main source fails

PBM Case - Fire emergency procedure

Fire Emergency Procedure

Process outcome: How to behave in case of a fire emergency in the workplace.

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