Run cases or projects as repeatable process flows

Gluu lets you turn any process into a repeatable best practice flow.

Define a process for batch production, procurement tasks, incidents, etc. and run each case in accordance with your best practice.

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Use workflow templates to create variations

‘Case templates’ let you define unique sets of activities, tasks and dependencies for each variation of a process.


Automatic case reports

Each case has its own automatic report for proof, traceability and analysis.


Manage ad-hoc tasks in cases

Let case managers add one time tasks to activities to increase flexibility and avoid the need for updating separate tools.


Monitor duration against targets

Set targets for how long an activity should take and measure each case against this.


Set target start and end dates

Add calendar dates to activities to filter your cases based urgency and timing.


Create and sync to SharePoint

Let Gluu create a standard case folder and store all activitiy documentation in SharePoint.