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Manage production and distribution processes

Gluu makes your production and distribution processes easier to understand, execute and improve. Avoid a separate tool for each business function and simplify your employee experience.

Explore selected production and distribution processes that you can run with Gluu ⬇️

PBM Case - Receive and process order

Receive and Process Order

Outcome: Order accepted, created in system and ready for production.

PBM Case - Order products

Order Products

Process outcome: The finished products are produced by the contract manufacturer, ready for delivery to the customer

PBM Case - Produce garments

Produce Garments

Process outcome: Batch of clothing produced with no faults.

PBM Case - Operate outbound transportation

Operate Outbound Transportation

Outcome: Transportation to customer’s address arranged and completed.

PBM Case - Manage production change

Manage Production Change

Process outcome: Changes to products and/or manufacturing processes are managed and approved and implemented, or rejected

PBM Case - Håndtér komponent afvigelse

Handle deviation in product part

Process outcome: Deviating component registered and supplier informed.

PBM Case - Produce goods

Produce Goods

Process outcome: Batch of clothing produced with no faults.

Jens Lund

“Good for making processes relevant for business users”

Jens O., Enterprise Architect, Information Technology and Services