Standardize work 

Make sure that new people tomorrow can do what only a few can do today. Increase your ability to work remotely. Save time and avoid errors.

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Map flows to organizational roles

Gluu’s built-in process designer lets the right business editors map and change flows directly in the browser.

This way you can ensure that complex, end-to-end process flows are mapped to the right organizational roles – and across all functions and systems.

Louise Hellmund Quality Manager, Berry Superfos

“We still have a large number of IT systems but Gluu is where work starts in most cases.”
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Louise Hellmund Quality Manager, Berry Superfos

Smart version control
Turn selected revisions into versions and update the right people.

Seven standard activity types
Show Risks, Touch Points, Systems and more in diagrams.

Label processes
Create labels and create special collections.

Map activities to roles
Show how work flows across roles to bring role clarity.

Reuse activities across
Make reusable flows and activities to avoid duplication.

Consistent formats
Ensure a consistent standard across your organization.

Embed video from any source
Add videos to explain complex tasks.

Automatic change control
All changes are logged and can be rolled back.

Ensure consistent formatting
Faster reading and easier understanding.

Drag and drop images
Quickly add screen shots and reduce text length.

Access via mobile apps
Update frontline staff in real time.


Standardize how work is done

Organize and show systems, files and visual work instructions for each activity in a process. This turns your process flows into interactive guides for how work is done.

Save time and avoid rework and errors by making it easier to work in accordance with your organization’s best practices.


Delegate process work with peace of mind

Let different people manage different processes to ensure buy-in – without loosing control.

Automatic change tracking
Save time and keep a full revision history.

Manage rights by process
Delegate process ownership to the right people.

Manage rights by feature
Keep central control of your process hierarchy and roles.

Full account audit trail
Improve security and ease auditing.

Show how processes connect
Automatic visualisation of all connections.

Label processes to create collections
Tag to group by business priority.

Filter for easy auditing and reporting
Combine more than 20 filters.


All your processes connected in real time

Manage +1,000 connected processes using the process architecture of your choice (e.g. APQC).

Business problems that Understand helps solve

Improve processes

Reduce cycle and throughput time to save cost.

Standardise work

Reduce complexity by making instructions easy to understand and find.

Reduce IT and training cost

Reduce license numbers by knowing who needs what.

Prepare for digitalisation

Save time and cost by avoiding new process mapping for each digitalization project.

Meet compliance requirements

Filter activities based on compliance need such as risk and GDPR.

Prepare for certification

Get 90% of the way to certification and avoid separate QMS systems.

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