Connect processes with work instructions

The process explains ‘what is done and who is responsible’. Then the natural next step is to explain ‘how to do it’. This is where work instructions come in to make your processes truly relevant in the daily work of end users.

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Create work instructions and SOPs

Add text, images, video, links and files to any activity in any process. This lets you show why and how work is done.


Link to SharePoint and Google Workspace files and folders to avoid duplicate content.


Turn instructions into reusable components

Mark a content selection to turn it into a component that can be reused by others.


Manage edit rights by activity

Assign sub-editors and owners to specific activities in a process.


Reuse common assets as building blocks

Create a shared repository of e.g. systems, links, legal texts and competencies and reuse these components across all work instructions.


Change suggestion flow

Editors can turn comments into change suggestions and handle them in an approval flow before deciding on implementation.