The ‘Gluu’ to connect work with systems across the value chain

If you want your data to be stored in other systems, then Gluu’s API and standard integrations can do just that.

The result is a simpler way to orchestrate end-to-end processes – with no double data entry and errors.

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RESTful API to access all data

User based tokens let you give other systems read or write access to all your Gluu data.


OpenAPI 3 (OAS) with Swagger

Your developers can browse and select endpoints more easily via Swagger.


Webhooks let you connect in real time

Use Gluu’s webhooks to trigger events and actions in your other systems.


Microsoft Teams

Get notifications of selected events to Teams channels with “Gluu for teams” installed in Teams.


Microsoft SharePoint

Automatically create case folders and save copies of files and reports to SharePoint or OneDrive.


Microsoft filepicker

Link to files in shared drives from work instructions and comments to avoid file duplicates.


Microsoft PowerBI

Analyze data from multiple sources in one place with Power BI and make data-driven decisions.


Microsoft Power Automate

Automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows across different applications and services with Power Automate. 


Microsoft PowerApps

Create custom business applications without writing code using Power Apps. Show work instructions or start cases from the app.