Avoid leaving your client
with just a slide deck

Studies show that companies don’t hire consultants when they fear that recommendations will be realized in practice.

Gluu helps consultants to help their clients to digitalise the new ways of working – without turning a business project into an IT project.

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No more re-drawing process maps in Visio

Gluu is enabling you to use a single, collaborative process tool for communications, changes and testing with client through all engagement phases.

Spend less time summarizing and redrawing and more time facilitating.

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Hans Jørgen Ebbesen

“The improvement ideas that constantly flow from our employees are all reported digitally, picked up by process owners, and some incorporated back into our management system.”
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Hans Jørgen Ebbesen,

Consultants, Gluu

Simple process mapping

Map using five basic shapes for easier understanding by end users.


Map with BPMN 2.0

Turn on the full BPMN 2.0 notation language making it optional or mandatory to map processes using this convention.


Create work instructions and SOPs

Add text, images, video, links and files to any activity in any process. This lets you show why and how work is done.


1-click change communications

Automatic change summary and notification by email to the right users.

Consultants, Gluu

Change suggestion flow

Editors can turn comments into change suggestions and handle them in an approval flow before deciding on implementation.

Consultants, Gluu

Versioning and approvals flow

Turn revisions into formal versions and ensure the right people approve before publishing.


1-click change communications

Automatic change summary and notification by email to the right users.


Automatic change log

Every change to any process or activity is automatically logged and shown in a searchable change log.


Agree with and reply to comments

Get input from large groups of people quickly.


Track system requirement changes over time

When the business process is the starting point for conversations and knowledge sharing, then it becomes a tool for tracking how requirements change from project start, to operations and beyond.

Jens Lund

“Gluu is great for making our common business processes relevant for everyone as a reference for how we work.”

Jens O., Enterprise Architect, Information Technology and Services


Go agile longer and postpone IT projects

Gluu’s no-code tool lets you pilot to-be processes and collect data for analysis before locking down IT requirements.

The result is more business improvement and less IT devepment.

“Great software, easy to use, extremely visual and possible to build without any IT knowledge.”

Kion S., Partner

Consultants, Gluu

Gluu lets you postpone IT projects, such as systems integrations until requirements are more clear – while reducing t


Use workflow templates to create variations

‘Case templates’ let you define unique sets of activities, tasks and dependencies for each variation of a process.


Automatic case reports

Each case has its own automatic report for proof, traceability and analysis.


Monitor task completion

Task log documents show if tasks are done in time, too late or not done.


Start and stop task progress

Users with the right role can pick and start tasks to show they are working on them. This also tracks value-adding time.

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Explore how Gluu helps different roles ⬇️


Process Leaders
avoid poor process
use and governance.


Quality Leaders
avoid quality systems that are separate from daily operations.


Operations Leaders
avoid reinventing the wheel.


IT Leaders
stop being unsure how
IT systems support
business processes.


avoid leaving their clients
with just a slide deck.


ERP Project Leader
Lower the risk
of ERP project failure. 

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