Product Manifest

When we develop the Gluu platform we play by these prioritized rules: 

Gluu Product Manifest, Gluu


Business user first

We focus on the business user experience as defined by getting work done and achieving real business results on a daily basis.



We never introduce new features for some users that makes the experience more complex for others.


Built-in intelligence

We put intelligence and AI to work to simplify life for users.


Rewarding interaction

We focus on making the user experience engaging, responsive, helpful, and even fun. We’re looking for users to enjoy working inside Gluu, compared with other systems.


Consistency across

Buttons, filters, terminology, and controls work the same way across the platform. Our toolbox is Microsoft’s Fluent Design to minimize the experience of context shifts from Office and Dynamics 365.


Integrated with Microsoft – with no feature overlap

If Microsoft’s Office 365 or Dynamics 365 product families have a feature, then we integrate with this, rather than making a copy in Gluu. We acknowledge that tools like Teams and Outlook own a large share of the users’ time that we do, so we may bring Gluu there, rather than the user into Gluu.