Create forms and capture data right when work is done

Create a library of reusable forms to capture data throughout your process flows. Forms become tools for capturing data via web, Android or Apple devices on the factory floor or on the road.

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Digital forms connected with tasks

Create forms and send them with any task to capture data via Gluu’s mobile app right when work is done.


Store, sort and filter form data

Form data can be filtered, searched and shared for easy reuse from Gluu or in other systems.


Design forms with multiple fields and tools

Build forms with easy drag-and-drop of date picker, video, quiz, etc.


Clone fields and forms

Copy any field – or form – to a new form for faster form creation.


Use video and images

Upload images or embed videos from any source and show on web or mobile. 


Create quizzes with multiple-choice questions

Turn forms into online training sessions with video and questions. This helps make mandatory training part of daily work.


Mobile apps to involve the frontline

Android and Apple apps let frontline staff see work instructions, start and complete tasks and write comments.

“Great software, easy to use, extremely visual and possible to build without any IT knowledge.”

Kion S, Partner


Show form fields conditionally

Show fields only if specific values are selected for shorter and simpler forms.