Getting to the next level of process work



Make your paper registrations digital

A Gluu lets factory managers automate all recurring tasks and registrations with no need for IT development.



Speed up and scale your lean effort

Gluu helps your lean effort by increasing the number of improvements and sustaining your Standard Work – across locations and departments.


hr & learning

Manage your onboarding, online learning and competencies in one app

Making sure that every employee is trained on time is hard. Gluu lets you deliver online training to the right employees automatically – and track that they are completed. This saves you time, avoids errors and gives you peace of mind. 


To meet the GDPR requirements you need process clarity. With Gluu you can map and document your processes together – while keeping control.


Make every onboarding your best

Studies show that if the onboarding experience is poor then new employees are likely to leave faster. A good experience requires attention to detail. Every time. This is where Gluu can help.



Integrated training, quality management and reporting in one app

Safe compliance with ‘best practice’ and quality requirements
Gluu keeps track of important business processes every time. Avoid unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy when managing and complying with your quality goals.

Process Mapping


Management consultant?
Enable your clients to execute

Your prospective clients will hesitate to hire you if they doubt that your recommendations will be executed internally. See why and how Gluu can help you to digitalise the new ways of working.