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Avoid disconnected processes, systems, and bots

Søren Pommer
Last updated on 30/06/2023

What if any process owner could add the systems and assets that are used in the activities of their processes?

Consultants, Enterprise Architects, Risk Managers and others could then get a more accurate 🎯and updated view of how assets were used. This would reduce risk of errors when building and replacing systems while bringing business and IT needs more closely together.

In this webinar we show you how easily this can be done with closer online collaboration between process owners, editors and other business users and IT.

Watch this webinar to be inspired with:

  • A combined top-down and bottom-up approach to Enterprise Architecture.
  • Example use cases for showing relationships between processes and assets.
  • More engaging and visual ways of exploring asset relationships.

Watch it now ⬇️

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