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Avoid your suppliers being disconnected from your business process

Gabriel Hourigan
Last updated on 19/10/2023

Does your company use suppliers as part of your product and service delivery? Then you may want to make them part of your business processes. So how do you do involve them seamlessly (and avoid sharing more than you want)?

In this webinar we explore the challenge of making suppliers and partners part of a business process and then show you how Gluu’s new feature lets you strike the balance between involving suppliers, while controlling the information sharing.

Watch this webinar recording to be inspired to:

  • Collaborate to deliver projects together with suppliers.
  • Handle claims where suppliers step in as part of the process.
  • Decide the level of sharing in each case.

Watch it now! Or read the main takeaways listed below ⬇️

Key Points and Takeaways from the Webinar:

  1. Introduction to Gluu: Gluu is a business process management platform designed to simplify, execute, and enhance business processes.
  2. Focus of the Webinar: The webinar discusses the integration of suppliers into business processes, with two main parts:
    • Part 1: Why involving suppliers in business processes is essential and the challenges associated with it.
    • Part 2: A practical example demonstrating how to involve suppliers more effectively in business processes.
  3. Importance of Supplier Integration:
    • Cost Efficiency: Integrating suppliers becomes critical when it’s more cost-effective to coordinate processes internally than externally.
    • External Contributions: Many businesses rely significantly on external parties (suppliers, subcontractors, etc.) for their internal operations.
  4. Challenges in Supplier Integration:
    • Poor Infrastructure: Inadequate setup for working with outside suppliers and partners hinders integration.
    • Lack of Clarity: Companies often struggle because they don’t fully understand their own processes or what they should outsource.
  5. Benefits of Mapping Processes:
    • Mapping internal workflows helps determine internal costs and external opportunities.
    • Specificity Leads to Quality: Clearly specifying activities for outsourcing leads to higher quality outcomes and cost savings.
  6. Collaboration and Systems:
    • Effective collaboration, beyond just emails, is crucial for bringing in external parties efficiently.
    • Separating processes from systems allows controlled external involvement.
  7. Examples of External Collaboration:
    • Receiving and Processing Orders: Suppliers can be involved in acknowledging and confirming orders.
    • Project Management: Contractors and external parties can participate in end-to-end project management.
    • Audits: External auditors can follow internal auditing processes.
    • Onboarding: Streamlined onboarding processes for new employees, even before they have official company emails.
  8. Practical Demonstration: A real-life example demonstrates how to involve suppliers in the “Receive Delivery” process using Gluu.
    • The process includes tasks assigned to different parties, including the supplier.
    • Tasks can be shared seamlessly with external parties.
    • Collaboration is efficient, reducing the need for back-and-forth emails.
  9. Reporting and Documentation: Gluu provides detailed reports to track and document the progress of tasks within a process.
    • Reports offer a comprehensive overview of completed tasks, including attached documentation.
  10. Future Features: Gluu is working on enabling the use of web forms to initiate processes, facilitating customer claims and structured information gathering.
  11. Benefits of Structured Processes: Structured processes ensure uniformity and consistency in customer service and information collection, benefiting both customers and the organization.
  12. Addressing Technical Issues: Technical issues affecting the webinar recording will be resolved, and the recording will be shared.

This summary highlights the key points and practical takeaways from the webinar, emphasizing the importance of supplier integration in business processes and how Gluu facilitates this integration.

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