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The bots are coming! How to control them via your business processes

Gabriel Hourigan
Last updated on 19/10/2023

Bots made with e.g. PowerAutomate, UIPath and ChatGPT are popping up in many businesses. A key question is how do you manage and maintain them so they stay relevant when work changes? And how do you ensure that they work in alignment with your overall business processes?

In this webinar we give Gluu’s answers the following questions:

  • what happens if bots and processes become disconnected?
  • how do we ensure that bots work within the scope of our business processes?
  • how can we place Process Owners in the driver’s seat?

We will give a demo of how Gluu can enable you to connect the flow and its business rules – the ‘human’ logic – with your bots so they are changed and evolve as your business learns and changes. We look forward to seeing you!

Watch it now! Or read the main takeaways listed below ⬇️

Key Points and Takeaways from the Webinar:

  1. Introduction to Gluu:
    • Gluu designs a business process management platform to simplify, execute, and improve processes.
    • The webinar explores the connection between bots and business processes using Gluu.
  2. Exploring the Disconnect:
    • The webinar addresses the issue of what happens when bots and processes become disconnected.
    • Ensuring that bots work within the scope of business processes is a key challenge.
  3. A Demo of Bots in Gluu:
    • It demonstrates how bots can be integrated into processes within Gluu.
    • Bots can automate tasks, such as form-filling, data integration, and task completion, within processes.
  4. Importance of Process Integration:
    • Integrating bots into business processes is crucial to maintaining transparency and governance.
    • Connecting bots to processes allows for better management and tracking of bot activities.
  5. Making Bots Visible:
    • Visualizing where bots are working within business processes is essential.
    • We should treat bots as active participants within the process landscape.
  6. The Role of Process Owners:
    • Process owners play a vital role in managing and integrating bots into processes.
    • Bots can adapt and evolve based on process changes driven by process owners.
  7. The Future of Bots and Processes:
    • The future involves creating a mutual language for communication between humans and bots.
    • Process owners will have the ability to influence bot behavior based on process changes.
  8. Conclusion:
    • The webinar highlights the evolving landscape of bot integration with business processes.
    • Gluu aims to facilitate seamless integration, transparency, and governance in this evolving field.

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