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How to run online training with Gluu (and avoid an LMS)

How to run your employee compliance training & development without LMS
Katarina Tökölyova
By on 19/08/2021

Making sure that every employee gets the right compliance training – and then reporting it to auditors and customers can be quite overwhelming. Often you need to buy a costly LMS (Learning Management System). With Gluu you can avoid this. Let me explain how.

With Gluu each training course can be created as a process and then run as any other case. This means that employees get their training content through the same app where they get other operational tasks. So no new system, no new implementation and much higher completion rates. With this article, I will show you how easy it is to run a training as a natural part of an employee’s daily work.

New systems, products, legal requirements and policies may require that selected employees are retrained and possibly certified to work in new ways. According to the American Management Association companies that invest in employee training achieve 63% higher productivity, 69% higher profit, and 74% higher quality in comparison to those that don’t. 

Many organizations move courses online to be able to train faster and at lower average cost. Most often this means buying a Learning Management System. This may still be needed for some training types but for regular, simple and mandatory training within areas such as:

  • hygene
  • risk
  • security
  • machine operations
  • safety

etc., this may not be the case. Now, let me show you how to run your employee training with Gluu in three simple steps:  1) map your employee training and development process, 2) create your training quizzes and 3) run your training as a case flow. 

Want to know more about using Gluu for employee training and development? Visit our HR & Learning page.

Step 1: Map your employee training and development process 

First you map your training flow as a process. This helps to ensure that everyone knows which part they play in your training process. 

The training process then becomes standardized across your organization and the knowledge on ‘how-to’ conduct training in general is documented. You can learn more about this in our guide on how to do simple process mapping 

Create a map of your employee training process

Step 2: Create your training quizzes with the form builder

With Gluu you can reach all your employees digitally and they can complete their role-specific training and development programs as if they were tasks. So how does that work? First you need to create a quiz form for each specific training. 

You can build your own custom training forms by simply dragging and dropping training videos, images and quiz questions into a form. This can be set to ensure that the quiz can’t be completed before all questions are answered correctly.  

How to create training quizzes in our form builder

If you – after a few training sessions – realize you need to add more elements, or update the training material, then you don’t need to spend too much time on creating a new training program. The training forms can be edited, or copied to create new versions with ease.

Step 3: Run your employee training as a case flow 

Let’s assume that you now have a general training process and a first training quiz ready. The next step is to create a case template. So what is that? The process map shows the general way of the process, the case template is the way you do the process. You can create as many case templates and add as many case-based tasks as you find relevant for each process.

If we take security training as an example, the process map shows us the big picture of the training. Case templates break the training into more detail. In this case, it would make sense to create case template variatons for:

  • general safety training
  • training for operating heavy machinery
  • warehouse operations training
  • security awarness training, etc.

All case templates then follows the activities in the process map, however, each template is optimized and specified for the selected area. That is done by adding relevant case-based tasks to the different activities in a case template.

With all this set up, you are now ready to publish your training to the right emploeyees and run it as a case flow. Each employee now sees the training as a task and can complete it when it best fits their schedule. So you can spend less time coordinating the downtime and spend more time on things that matter.   

Want to learn more about cases in Gluu? Visit our detailed guide on how to create a case in Gluu. 

Run you training as a case flow

Want to learn more about cases in Gluu? Visit our detailed guide on how to create a case in Gluu.

It was a pleasure to take you through the three steps of how to conduct training in Gluu. I have also made a short video to help you get started.

The right employees complete the training in the work situation

It is fairly common for companies to implement ‘blended learning’ in their employee training. Blended learning is a combination of offline (face-to-face, traditional learning) and online learning in a way that the one compliments the other.

Gluu mobile app (for both iOS & Android) makes it easy to complete training from outside of the office. This means that you can structure your training in two (or more) parts. One, being more theoretical, the second one directly in the workplace. So if we take the safety training as an example, part 1 of the training can be instruction videos followed by a quiz, part 2 is more interactive and done on the warehouse/factory floor. The app also allows the employees to take pictures and raise discussions during the training – all in one single app.

running employee training on a mobile application

Reporting on employee training and development 

Gluu’s case flows are about much more than just training. It is also about collecting feedback, approval, and reports on the same task from multiple users. All tasks that are created and completed using Gluu are automatically logged with all the data. This means that you can say goodbye to your Excel sheets:

Reporting on employee training

You can easily run and print your training reports containing the training forms that have been filled in. With Gluu doing all this for you automatically, you have much more time to focus on improving your training and development procedures.  

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