Avoid errors from unclear ways of working

Gluu is user-friendly Business Process Management (BPM) software that helps process owners
to connect processes with the right people, work instructions, systems, tasks and bots.

End to end process mapping

Gluu helps you map and run end-to-end processes while including the work assets that employees need to complete each activity in the flow correctly. This means lower risk of human errors and higher productivity. Customers report results such as “10x more employee-driven improvements” and “30% growth without adding new staff.”

Gluu is a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide where
“Gartner®️ acknowledges the noteworthy contributions of companies
that demonstrate exceptional expertise, technological prowess, and customer satisfaction.”

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Areas that often need some Gluu

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QHSE & Compliance
Run your integrated management system and meet compliance needs.

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ERP implementation
Prepare, spec, enable and support your new ERP with a flexible layer.

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Knowledge management
Connect staff with work instructions, then get questions and improvements.

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Onboarding & Learning
Ensure that every employee onboarding meets your standards..

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RPA & robots
Let process owners oversee and update automations with new business rules.

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Standard projects
Run projects based on your standards and get a common portfolio overview.

Gluu App, mobile and reports

Businesses from many industries Gluu their work

4.5 Stars Rating on G2 Crowd

4.5 Stars Rating on Capterra

Manage processes consistently through a closed-loop workflow

BPM Software for People, Gluu
One method and tool
for any process.


Processes, guides and communications.

Turn business processes into interactive guides for work.


Tasks, cases and registrations.

Map and then run any flow or repeatable task, so you can prove it is done.


Ongoing learning from practice.

Use Gluu to keep your processes updated with the latest learning.


We’ll hold your hand through each step towards clear ways of working:

  1. Standard Process
  2. Shared Processes
  3. Executed Processes
  4. Process Driven
Louise Hellmund
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You set your desired maturity level and Louise Svenstrup, Head of Customer Success, and her team will guide you there via online Teams’ trainings and workshops.

Explore the paths your team can take

Explore how Gluu helps different roles ⬇️


Process Leaders
avoid poor process
use and governance.


Quality Leaders
avoid quality systems that are separate from daily operations.


Operations Leaders
avoid reinventing the wheel.


IT Leaders
stop being unsure how
IT systems support
business processes.


avoid leaving their clients
with just a slide deck.


ERP Project Leader
Lower the risk
of ERP project failure. 

Capabilities that Gluu gives you ⬇️

BPM Software for People, Gluu

➡️ Implement end-to-end governance
From managing a process hierarchy, to process owners, changes, suggestions, approvals and communications. A holistic approach that includes processes, work instructions and assets.

BPM Software for People, Gluu

➡️ Visualize how work and systems fit
Business users connect their processes with the relevant files, bots and systems to turn them into useful guides for work.

BPM Software for People, Gluu

➡️ Orchestrate end-to-end process execution
Run task flows from your processes. This means sending the right task to the right person at the right time – and keeping track with automatic reporting.

BPM Software for People, Gluu

➡️ Enable process improvement by end users
Close the loop from reporting a problem in the frontline, to evaluating and implementing it and finally communicating the change back to the people that do the work.

Enable ERP implementation

➡️ Enable a business process centric ERP implementation
Helps you all the way through Initiating, Implementing, Preparing and Operating an ERP system. Turning each business process into a collaboration hub for business and IT stakeholders and vendors to communicate.

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