PEPKOR Selects Gluu as BPM Partner to Transform their Retail Execution Platform

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PEPKOR Selects Gluu as BPM Partner to Transform their Retail Execution Platform

Louie A
Last updated on 23/04/2024

In a move aimed at revolutionizing its retail processes, PEPKOR, a leading conglomerate, has announced its strategic partnership with Gluu, a renowned Business Process Management (BPM) platform. Facilitated by Gluu’s South African partner Process2Product (P2P), this collaboration marks a significant milestone in PEPKOR’s digital transformation journey. 

The primary objective of this partnership is to overhaul PEPKOR’s Retail Execution Platform (REX) by adopting a process-centric approach. With over 160 processes identified, the development and customization of the new REX are expected to ensure optimal functionality and alignment with organizational objectives. 

Group Product Owner, Tobie Lourens puts it this way: “Enhancing business processes isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about nurturing the well-being of our employees. A streamlined workflow not only boosts productivity but ultimately fosters a healthier work environment, empowering our teams to thrive.” 

Key initiatives within the project scope include: 

Centralized Information Management: PEPKOR aims to utilize Gluu as a unified source of truth, fostering collaboration among stakeholders such as PEPKOR, Zensar Technologies, PEPKOR-IT, and PEPKOR Retail Brands.   

Requirement Integration: Seamless integration with JIRA will enable the translation of identified requirements into actionable user stories, enhancing collaboration between PEPKOR-IT, Zensar Technologies, and other stakeholders.   

Standard Process Design: PEPKOR seeks to establish standardized business processes adaptable to individual Retail Brands, promoting agility and efficiency throughout implementation and beyond.   

Work Instructions Integration: The integration of work instructions into the new Retail Execution System’s Help feature will empower end-users with direct access to guidance, thereby enhancing usability and support. 

This strategic transition to Gluu BPM reflects PEPKOR’s commitment to embracing a holistic approach to process management. Unlike previous tools, Gluu BPM offers versatility and scalability, catering not only to technical specialists but to the entire organization. 

Etienne Venter, CEO of Process2Product, emphasized, “Business process management eliminates obstacles, enabling the effective realization of products and services.” At Process2Product, simplicity is key, with a focus on streamlining processes to empower seamless collaboration and drive organizational excellence. 

By leveraging the collaborative capabilities of Gluu BPM, PEPKOR is poised to unlock new levels of operational efficiency and agility, setting a benchmark for retail innovation. 

About PEPKOR: 

PEPKOR is a leading conglomerate with a diverse portfolio spanning retail, technology, and logistics. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, PEPKOR is committed to driving excellence across its brands and operations. 

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