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Work is broken.
Gluu your work.

Too many companies’ regular tasks are done differently each time. This makes it hard to get an overview and improve. It also results in errors and time waste.

If a single process is difficult to manage then how do you manage 10, 100, or even 1,000? And then across locations, functions and large numbers of employees?

Gluu’s simple business process platform creates clarity in companies and organizations, glues workflows and responsibilities together and ensures that tasks are done as they should. In contrast to specialized systems, Gluu can contain all your business processes, so you don’t need a new system for each process you want to manage.

Gluu is easy to use from employee to manager. It works well regardless if you want to organise the processes within a function, a business unit or an entire company. Once you have learned how to map one process using Gluu, then you can do this for any process. And if you and your colleagues understand the entire flow, then it will be much easier to execute and improve. This ensures happier employees and a better bottom line for your company. Our customers say that they ‘Gluugle themselves to growth.’

See why process works as friction grows


For any employee

Find the right instruction and save time by not having to contact central staff.

Feel safe and confident knowing you work the right way.

Easily complete tasks and forms on your mobile device.

For Process Owners

Make and communicate changes with a single click.

Get questions and give answers in the right context.

Capture improvement ideas for easy follow-up.

For Executives

Get informed only if something is NOT done.

Keep control of your process collection while delegating process ownership.

Avoid micromanagement and get more time to develop the business.


The systems that Gluu can replace

Today you may have tasks and workflows in many different systems. This means multiple interfaces for your colleagues and systems to maintain, integrate, train and pay for. With Gluu the people that know can design their own flows and replace “one process” systems such as these:


Gluu replaces many systems

How is Gluu different?

Features How is Gluu different? How is Gluu different?Word + Visio + SharePoint How is Gluu different?BPM Software
Anyone can map flows the right way
Get started with no need for training.
Connect people and responsibilities in real time
Activities, roles and people are connected so everyone knows what to do.
Turn each flow into a guide for work
Add videos, images and tasks to any activity.
Delegate ownership, while staying in control
Assign rights to manage specific processes.
Update and communicate with ease
Automatically share answers and comments with the right people.
Connect top to bottom
Some design processes while others executive tasks via simple apps.
Create flows with tasks and forms with no coding
Anyone can go from map to execution with ease.



Selected by COOs, CFOs and Quality Managers that want to succeed with their business processes.


Time Log

Claus Schmidt the Managing Director, Ennova A/S

Our process setup has gone from being a paper tiger to something that's alive."
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Claus Schmidt-Laugesen Managing Director, Ennova A/S

Marianne Mølgaard the Process & Optimization Specialist, Bisnode

Gluu is very easy to use. Managers in all functions are mapping processes with their teams. People are excited about this collaborative approach."
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Marianne Mølgaard Process & Optimization Specialist, Bisnode

Louise Hellmund Quality Manager, Berry Superfos

"We still have a large number of IT systems but Gluu is where work starts in most cases."
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Louise Hellmund Quality Manager, Berry Superfos

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