Make your paper registrations digital

Gluu lets factory managers automate all recurring tasks and registrations with no need for IT development.

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Add the processes you want to manage

Setup the critical processes from your value chain in a single, common overview. Advanced rights ensure only a central team can manage this.

Connect your processes from top to bottom and across
Manage your levels while linking across.

Labels provide an overview
Mark which processes need to be updated and get the help where you need it.

Show how your manufacturing processes connect
Automatic visualisation of all connections.

Filter for easy auditing and reporting
Filter processes based on ownership, category, roles, and 20+ options.

Map activities to roles
Show who is responsible for what.

Label risky activities
Make it easy to manage risk across all processes.

Smart version control
Turn selected revisions into versions and update the right people.

Consistent formats
Ensure a consistent standard across your organization.


Map flows with the built-in tool

Gluu lets you delegate process mapping to where the knowledge is. Just open the browser and map a process. Then give the relevant team the rights to manage it.


Use images and video to turn processes into guides

Turn each activity into a visual work instruction with a complete “5S” of video, images, templates and systems needed for the job.

Standardize how your onboarding is done
Organize and show systems, files and visual work instructions for each activity in a process.

Drag and drop images
Quickly add screenshots and reduce text length to explain how to use machinery etc.

Use visual work instructions
Add guides and SOPs to any activity.

Add scheduled tasks to any activity
Send the right task to the right person.

Be informed if manufacturing tasks are not done in time
Monitor that tasks are done in time.


Automate your task management

Add scheduled tasks to any activity. They will then show to the right role at the right time. Gluu lets the process team know if a task is NOT done in time. This automates your full flow of managing regular tasks.


Create forms and distribute them with any task

Use the form builder to create your own forms. They can then be attached to any recurring tasks. All completed forms are stored automatically and easy to print.

Common form library
Create standard forms and reuse them across Gluu.

Conditional fields
Make forms intelligent by showing fields based on user’s choice.

Capture structured data
Add forms to activities to capture data on e.g. data and systems.

Gluu's native app for Android and iOS

Easy task completion on the production floor
Any employee can access their tasks and instructions using a smartphone or a tablet.

Task, instruction and feedback in one place
The right person sees the right task at the right time.

Take photos when doing tasks
Prove compliance and track errors.

Comment and ask questions
Capture learnings from the front-line.


Execute work via simple apps

Some map processes. Others execute them. Gluu’s apps make it easy to do registrations on the factory floor, in the warehouse and on the road.

Gluu App Link to Apple's App Store


Report on registrations with ease

No more paper forms and manual archiving. With Gluu it’s all tracked automatically. Report and print with one click for easy external reporting.

1-click report on each case
Print instant status reports on your onboarding.

Automatic progress tracking
Automatically track your production status or other case tasks.

The Gluu platform enables us to find new ways to eliminate waste, as our processes from order to delivery production become easier to understand. Also, we get time savings by no longer having to handle paper registrations. Everything is now done in the app.” See case study

Jacob Lund Plant Manager, RPC Superfos

If a mistake is made during the night, the Quality Assurance specialist needs to know about the it immediately when he or she shows up for work in the morning. Here, the traditional procedures are simply too slow. With Gluu it happens in real time, so the error is visible to everyone immediately. That way our employees, e.g. cleaning staff in the factory, only need to deal with the task and form visible on their smartphone, and they may even have a concrete video guide at hand. This decreases the risk of errors.” Read case

Casper Bendtzen QHSE Manager, RPC Superfos