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After reaching ‘Standard processes’ this service helps your process team communicate all processes to all employees in scope, while managing questions and changes.

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Process owner shares process with employees and receive feedback


Decentralize responsibility and share processes with Gluu.

After this training, learning, and implementation process, your core team knows how to work with process owners to decentralize ownership and ensure proper governance. The core team and process owners all know how to engage users.

Week 1

Process owner training
Process preparation

Week 2

Process owner workshop incl. process mapping
Finalize process

Week 3-6

Process trials and feedback
Ongoing advisory

Week 7-12

Ongoing advisory

Your core team gets

  • Understanding of how to manage decentralized ownership.
  • Tools and knowledge to facilitate user engagement.
  • Ability to work with reusable components.
  • Ongoing advisory.

Process Owner gets

  • Process owner role and operations training incl. process changes.
  • Tools and knowledge to engage users.
  • Ongoing advisory.

Executives gets

  • A common way of working.
  • Standardized processes and process knowledge at individual employee level.

They are highly skilled and helpful

Quote from workshop evaluation.


Guided online* ‘best practice’ implementation with:

  • 1 hour of online training
  • 4 hours of workshops (unlimited participants)
  • 4 hours of optional online consultancy and follow-up.
  • Materials and training videos for internal use.

Total cost 2.900

*Also available onsite adding travel costs

Implementation Level 2 Brochure

Download this implementation summary in PDF for further discussion with your team members and stakeholders.


Get to Executed processes

See how can you get to implementation level 3

Implementation steps: standard process, executed, shared and process driven. Related to Execute, Understand and Improve