Capability to enable process improvement, Gluu

Enable process improvement by end users

Gluu closes the loop from reporting a problem in the frontline, to evaluating and implementing it and finally communicating the change back to the people that do the work.

Customers report 88% time saving and 10x more improvements.

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Change suggestion flow

Editors can turn comments into change suggestions and handle them in an approval flow before deciding on implementation.


1-click change communications

Automatic change summary and notification by email to the right users.


Automatic change log

Every change to any process or activity is automatically logged and shown in a searchable change log.


Change roll-back

If someone makes a mistake, then editors can always restore older versions of the process or activity pages.

Capability to enable process improvement, Gluu

Process connection maps

Filter to show – and navigate – how processes and activities connect.

Hans Jørgen Ebbesen

“The improvement ideas that constantly flow from our employees are all reported digitally, picked up by process owners, and some incorporated back into our management system.”
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Hans Jørgen Ebbesen,