Capability to orchestrate process execution, Gluu

Orchestrate end-to-end process execution

Gluu lets you run task flows from your processes. This means sending the right task to the right person at the right time – and keeping track with automatic reporting. You can also run scheduled tasks to ensure regular work is not forgotten.

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Hans Jørgen Ebbesen

“Gluu lets us see if tasks haven’t been done and if work is not flowing – in the entire value chain.” Read case

Hans Jørgen Ebbesen,


Use workflow templates to create variations

‘Case templates’ let you define unique sets of activities, tasks and dependencies for each variation of a process.


Shared task calendars

Filter to create custom task calendars for roles, departments or standards. 


Manage ad-hoc tasks in cases

Let case managers add one time tasks to activities to increase flexibility and avoid the need for updating separate tools.


Monitor task completion

Task log documents show if tasks are done in time, too late or not done.