Get to standard processes

Your team will know how to create consistent, transparent, and interactive business processes with work instructions using Gluu as a tool.

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Woman designing a process in front of a board


Get your core team familiar with Gluu…

Your team will know Gluu and how to go from one process to having all your processes mapped and documented.

Week 1-3

Core team training
Process hierarchy
Process blueprint
Work instructions

Week 4

Map your own process

Week 5-8

Process trials and feedback
Ongoing advisory

Week 8-12

Ongoing advisory

Your core team gets

  • Training and assistance in setting up your process hierarchy.
  • Your own best-practice process example with a visual work instruction.
  • Ongoing advisory.

Process Owner gets

  • A trained and self-sustained process team that is ready to deploy at scale.
  • Standardized processes.
  • Optional deployment plan.
Kim Larsen

“With Gluu we have been able to bring knowledge from the builder all the way to the man with the shovel. We have achieved a comprehensive overview and an ability to control our workflows, so that we can always be at the forefront of our planning.” Read case

Kim Larsen, CEO, VME A/S

They are highly skilled and helpful

Quote from workshop evaluation.


Guided online* ‘best practice’ implementation with:

  • 1-hour planning session.
  • 3 hours of online training (unlimited participants).
  • 5 hours of workshops.
  • 8 hours of online consultancy and follow-up.
  • Materials and training videos for internal use.

Total price €3.900,-

*Also available onsite adding travel costs

Implementation Level 1 Brochure

Download this implementation summary in PDF for further discussion with your team members and stakeholders.


Get to Shared processes

See how can you get to implementation level 2

Implementation steps: standard process, executed, shared and process driven. Related to Execute, Understand and Improve