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Checking your checklists (video)

Checklist Playlist
Gabriel Hourigan
By on 22/08/2017

This article is a brief summary of what to expect for our checklist playlist on YouTube. You’ll learn why it is that checklists are so incredibly effective. How to implement checklists in your own businesses, whether that’s at a huge scale or for a smaller scenario.

Most of these videos focus on Atul Gawande, who is a writer, public health researcher, and a surgeon. Atul put checklists into action in the American medical sector which lead to massive, cheap benefits. Find out why and how you can do the same in this playlist.

Atul Gawande: How do we heal medicine?

An extraordinary story of how Atul Gawande reduced complication rates in surgery by 35%, death rates by 47% and saved the health industry hundreds of millions of dollars by adding simple checklists to surgical procedures.

This video demonstrates the potency of a well-designed checklist, particularly for complex, critical procedures where errors can be very costly.

Atul Gawande: The Power of Checklists

In this shorter video, Matthew Weinstock interviews Atul Gawande where they discuss his experience for producing a great checklist. They review how they went about implementing the checklist at scale as well as producing a checklist of maximum effectiveness.

Atul explains that the most difficult aspect of applying the checklist is the culture shift, it can be difficult to embrace not just a new process, but oftentimes new ethics as well.

The Checklist Manifesto

Our third video in our checklist playlist also features Atul Gawande. This piece is ultimately a very comprehensive study of what he has learned from his experience with checklists. Covering detailed examples of how to implement the checklist and how the checklist is effective in all industries and sectors.

How to add recurring tasks

In our final video, we display how to produce checklists in our process improvement software, Gluu.

To learn more about recurring tasks, visit our article on how to add tasks your activities in Gluu. 

It’s clear that checklists can reduce complexity and help us to avoid simple mistakes. But choosing which checklist software to use can still be difficult, fortunately, we have written an article on how to select the right checklist software for you.

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