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7 selected process improvement videos

Process Improvement Playlist episode 1: Steve Jobs on Quality Management
Gabriel Hourigan
By on 21/08/2017

In this process improvement video playlist, you’ll find out everything you need to get started with process improvement in your business. So, if you’re looking for one place to learn everything you need, here it is. We’ll cover:

  • What process improvement is.
  • Why investing in process improvement is crucial.
  • A brief overview of how to carry out process improvement techniques.

We’ve cherry-picked the most transparent videos available covering process improvement. Let’s be honest, it’s not always the easiest subject to stay engaged with. We’ve also provided some pretty comical pieces which we find can actually help make the topic coherent.

Steve Jobs on Continuous Improvement

In the first episode of our process improvement playlist, Steve Jobs discusses how quality processes are formed by questioning what a company does and why they do it that way. Concluding that the best way for processes to be created is with the workers themselves, by giving them responsibility and the opportunity they will find ways to improve their own work when they can.

Lean, Kaizen, and Continuous Improvement

A short video about lean, kaizen, and the concept of continuous improvement. This video explains the theory behind process improvement in a very easy to understand way. That management should not be responsible for process improvement, but the people who actually do the work themselves.

Continuous process improvement: Penny Weller at TEDxKalamazoo

An excellent presentation by Penny Weller for TEDx. This is particularly compelling because Penny tells stories from her past, which clearly show where her knowledge of process improvement solved problems. Bitesize actionable examples, what more could you want?

Dilbert: Best Practices

Dilbert is a great channel for short, comedic pieces on operational excellence. Best practices are a great example of that! We hope you enjoy it.

How to setup process improvement for your business 

Okay so in this video you’ll get a complete summary of the entire process improvement journey. Søren Pommer shows you how best to approach documenting your processes so that you can focus on the important stuff. Recognising problems and solving them!

What is Six Sigma – FUN Version

This is a clip from the sitcom “That’ 70s Show”. In which an individual tries to explain his role as a quality manager to his son, hilarity ensues.

Improving Business Processes – Handoffs

This video is a straightforward guide to improving one area in your business, handoffs. This specific topic is explained in detail and very clearly. A very professional video from TheProcessConsultant.

Still not satisfied? If you’d like a more detailed and comprehensive written guide to process improvement, I recommend checking out our Process Success Guide which contains a full step-by-step guide to creating your own process improvement plan.

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