Gluu consulting partner within construction, Gluu


Unlocking Digital Transformation in the Danish Construction Industry

In the construction industry, digital transformation is essential. Refine Consulting partnered with Gluu to pioneer an innovative approach, achieving outstanding results in integrating technology and processes.

Gluu consulting partner within construction, Gluu

“Our collaboration with Gluu has been pivotal. We’ve witnessed continuous development in features that support agile processes and enhance documentation. This has allowed our clients to realize their digital potential as their maturity evolves.”

Rasmus Steen Malmstrøm, Management Consultant, Refine Consulting

About Refine Consulting

Refine Consulting combines expertise in strategy, management, processes, and digitization with hands-on experience in the daily challenges faced by architects, engineers, and contractors.

Situation —The Danish construction industry is in the midst of a transformational shift, driven by the increasing demand for sustainable construction practices and the introduction of new industry standards. Refine Consulting, an upcoming player in this sector, recognized the pressing need for digital transformation to address these evolving challenges.

CEO and management consulting Rasmus Malmstrøm commented on the situation, stating, “The Danish construction industry is undergoing a profound shift, driven by the demand for sustainable construction and new industry standards.”

Problem —Historically, many companies in the construction industry have evolved from smaller craft businesses into larger organizations that handle more extensive and complex projects. However, this growth has brought about challenges related to standardization and efficiency.

Rasmus Malmstrøm explained the problem, stating, “We needed a standardized approach to the core deliveries within the industry. This approach would enable us to prevent expensive mistakes, ensure timely deliveries, and vastly reduce the risk exposure from each building project.”

Solution —In response to these challenges, Refine Consulting recognized the need to provide their clients with process consulting and promote digital transformation and readiness. To achieve this, they embarked on a partnership with Gluu, a business process management platform.

Rasmus highlighted the solution, stating, “Gluu became our technology partner, offering our clients the opportunity to embrace digital transformation at their own pace, ensuring that the digitalization process provided value from the start.”

Results — The collaboration between Refine Consulting and Gluu has yielded remarkable results. Continuous development in features by Gluu has supported agile processes, project models, and documentation, all guided by Refine Consulting’s expertise. This innovative approach enables clients to realize their digital potential as their digital maturity evolves.

Focus on Integration, Streamlining, and the End User

Gluu’s dedication goes beyond providing a platform; they focus on integration, streamlining processes, and enhancing the end-user experience. They continuously develop integrations between the Gluu core application and other critical systems such as ERP and CRM, significantly raising the digital maturity level of users. Malmstrøm emphasized this, stating, “Gluu’s dedication to integrating with core systems such as ERP and CRM has elevated our clients’ digital maturity. Gluu has become the central system that harmonizes knowledge and data within our clients’ organizations.”

Moreover, Gluu’s user-friendly interface empowers end-users to access relevant work instructions effortlessly, contributing to increased productivity and a reduction in errors. Rasmus underlined this aspect, saying,

“What sets Gluu apart is its relentless focus on end-user adoption. Its intuitive interface empowers our clients’ employees to access the right work instructions effortlessly, enhancing productivity and reducing errors.”

Rasmus Steen Malmstrøm