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2024 Product Roadmap: What are we planning?

Louie A
Last updated on 27/03/2024

Gluu delivers Business Process Management for People. This means real business users that use processes to achieve real business process improvement. Faster, leaner and/or better.

In this webinar, we will give you a preview of the main features we’re developing for release during 2024.

Join to learn more about:

  • Gluu for HR.
  • Using AI to create save time when creating processes and work instructions.
  • How Gluu becomes even simpler to work with.

Watch it now! Or read the main takeaways listed below ⬇️

Key Points and Takeaways from the Webinar:

Introduction and Overview:

  • Gluu is introducing new features to enhance its capabilities, particularly focusing on HR processes.
  • The goal is to provide a more user-friendly and powerful platform for managing HR workflows.

Process Ownership and Decentralization:

  • Gluu is emphasizing the importance of decentralizing process ownership, allowing different departments to manage their own processes.
  • Process owners can now have more autonomy, making the system adaptable to the diverse needs of various teams.

Content AI and Process Creation:

  • Gluu introduces Content AI, an innovative feature designed to assist users in creating and structuring processes more efficiently.
  • The AI-driven content creation aims to reduce redundancy, ensuring that processes are well-defined and reusable.

Linked Processes and Process Hierarchy:

  • The introduction of linked processes allows for a more interconnected view of workflows, enhancing visibility across different departments.
  • Users can now better understand the hierarchy of processes and their relationships within the organization.

Engaging with User Questions:

  • The webinar actively engages with user questions, addressing concerns about AI, content creation, and potential functionalities like SharePoint integration.
  • The user feedback is valued, and Gluu is considering suggestions to improve the platform’s usability and effectiveness.

Competencies and Employee Profiles:

  • Gluu is expanding its functionalities to include competencies and detailed employee profiles within the HR system.
  • Users can now create customized lists and filters to identify employees with specific competencies, streamlining HR processes.

KPI Analysis and Continuous Improvement:

  • A value-added time analysis is introduced to identify opportunities for process improvement.
  • The system will enable users to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and conduct numerical analyses for a more data-driven approach to process optimization.

Product Roadmap and Timelines:

  • Glue outlines its product roadmap, indicating a phased release plan with a beta version expected in the coming months.
  • Plans to release the new HR features with a beta release in the coming months.
  • Users can anticipate having access to the full set of features within approximately six to seven months.

User Involvement and Real Use Cases:

  • Gluu encourages users to share real use cases and deadlines, fostering a collaborative approach to feature development.
  • Real-life scenarios help prioritize development efforts and ensure that new features align with user needs.

Recording and Availability:

  • The recording of the webinar, including insights into the product roadmap, will be available on LinkedIn.
  • Users can revisit the presentation and share valuable information about Glue’s upcoming HR features with colleagues.

In summary, the Gluu HR webinar showcases a commitment to empowering users with a more advanced, user-friendly platform, leveraging AI, decentralization, and continuous improvement principles. User engagement and collaboration are integral to the development process, ensuring that Gluu meets the evolving needs of its users.

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