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Gluu for HR, AI, and other highlights

Louie A
Last updated on 09/04/2024

In this webinar, we will discuss and give you an introduction to the main product highlights in Gluu so far in 2024.

Join this webinar to get an overview of…
– an even simpler way of creating processes.
– Gluu for a better Employee Experience and HR.
– how you can now use AI.

Watch it now! Or read the main takeaways listed below ⬇️

Key Points and Takeaways from the Webinar:

  1. Single Process Experience: The Single Process Experience is a new feature on the platform. It allows users to add roles and activities into their processes during process creation. This new feature is more intuitive and helpful for users to create and modify processes, and is available for use in beta.
  2. AI Process Content Creation: The Gluu AI Assistant that the team is working on will help users create processes more efficiently in the future. The assistant will provide recommendations for process enhancement, data enrichment, and intelligence reporting. For instance, it can suggest optimisations for processes that are too long or don’t meet certain conventions of good practice.
  3. Gluu for HR: Gluu is testing a new HR feature for managing competencies within the platform. This feature can serve as a comprehensive HR system for smaller organisations. It enables users to build a library of specific certificates and skills, which they can then attach to respective roles. Consequently, users have visibility of who holds specific competencies, can keep track of their expiration dates and additionally, can manage custom fields to accommodate individual organisational needs.
  4. Future Developments: Among future plans are improvements to the notification system, where AI-driven notifications will enhance the quality and relevance of notifications sent. Other future functionalities include component experience, case Manager, and KPI dashboards.
  5. Component Experience: This future feature is geared towards providing a more personalised user experience. It aims to adapt to the user’s workflows and processes by providing relevant suggestions and actions.
  6. Case Manager: This feature is expected to support the management and tracking of specific cases within larger workflows and processes. This could help users in handling complex tasks by arranging and prioritising related activities.
  7. KPI Dashboards: Future plans include implementing KPI Dashboards. These dashboards visually display metrics, aiding users in tracking and analysing performance against business objectives.
  8. Feedback and Support: The company is committed to continuous improvement and invites feedback on any of the new or upcoming features. They also offer support and guidance for users who might require assistance in navigating through these features.

All these advancements align with the company’s mission to provide an effective, intuitive, and user-friendly platform that enhances business productivity and efficiency. The focus remains on streamlining business processes, driving better decision-making through AI, and managing competencies effectively with a view to achieving overall business success.

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