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The Gluu from idea to execution in your client’s digital journey

Søren Pommer
Last updated on 03/07/2023

What if you could bridge the gap from your recommendation to your client’s execution? This way your client will realize your recommendations with greater certainty 🎯. In this webinar we will be joined by a Gluu partner and show how Gluu supports their clients’ digitalization journey from start to finish.

Watch this webinar and be inspired to:

  • Digitalize your consultancy services.
  • Reduce non-value added time spent on updating Visio, emailing and summarizing changes.
  • Engage your clients’ employees across time and space.

Case Studies

Two partner case studies were presented. The first case study involved Knowledge, which was looking for a better way to integrate acquisitions and realize energies. They selected Gluu and worked with a partner to establish the whole governance map processes. The second case study was a contractor in Denmark that needed a standardised best practice approach to lower risk and increase efficiency. They worked with a partner to define a new process for running processes and used the glue app for all their projects.

Partnership Goals

Gluu’s value proposition to consulting partners is to offer more complete solutions to customers.

Partners can supplement Gluu with their local knowledge and industry expertise. Gluu provides sales support, end-user support, and tool training. The division of labor is such that the partner is the one with the relationship with the customer, sells their services, and provides advisory services. Gluu provides the platform, updates, and upgrades, and end-user support.


Gluu can be used for customer experience management, cost reduction, cost of non-quality, deadline compliance, employee satisfaction, e-learning, digitalisation, and risk management. Gluu enables the implementation of digitalisation as a business improvement exercise driven by management consultants.


Gluu is an excellent tool for consultants to use to help their clients digitalise their operations. With Gluu, consultants can map, execute, and optimise processes, resulting in faster results for clients and better client relationships. Gluu’s partnership model allows consultants to supplement our application with their local knowledge and industry expertise, providing customers with more complete solutions.

Interested in becoming a Gluu partner? Read more on our partner page.

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