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Ensure full management system compliance

Gluu is a one-stop platform for your integrated management system. Document, communicate and control your quality, health, safety and environment-related processes in one place.

Map any process
Show who is responsible for what.

Use visual work instructions
Add guides and SOPs to any activity.

Prove that tasks are done
Show how, where and when each task is completed with Gluus mobile app.

Label risky activities
Make it easy to manage risk across all processes.


Automatic reporting for audits

With Gluu, all completed tasks and updates are logged automatically and can be reported with one click. This avoids the hassle of organizing data for reporting and audits.

Schedule tasks in annual cycle
Get notified when tasks are not done in time. This makes it easy to manage e.g. a service or maintenance schedule.

Run task flows
Built-in case management lets you document the full flow across departments.

Easy access to data
1-click export of data for further analysis or reporting.

Full audit trail
All changes are tracked for compliance with standards.

1-click reporting
Filter and run reports on all completed cases and tasks.

Share only what is relevant
Give external experts access to your processes so they can update them with the latest knowledge and requirements in the field.

Labels provide an overview
Mark which processes need to be updated and get the help where you need it.

Perform multiple tasks online
Save the environmental impact of transportation and let the experts work from home.

Flexibility around authority reporting
Job descriptions of proper reporting to the authorities and placement of data, ensure that everyone can do it right the first time.


Gain control over all environmental and climate requirements

Green transition is in rapid development and it can be difficult to keep up. Get external experts to update your specific workflows so you are always on the right path.