Avoid your QHSE being disconnected from work

Gluu lets your integrated management system become a natural part of business processes and work instructions – and your colleagues’ daily work.


No more separate quality software

Gluu easily covers your integrated management system. Document, communicate and control your Quality, Health, Safety and Environment standards in one place.

Manage all standards, processes, tasks and reporting in one place.

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Map processes
Show responsibilities and connections to staff and auditors.

add pictures in work instruction icon

Use visual work instructions
Add guides and SOPs to any process step.

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Prove compliance
Show how, where and when each task is completed.

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Label by standard
Tag everything related to a specific standard such as ISO 9001.

Automatic tasks with forms make reporting a by-product of work.

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Task calendar
Schedule all critical tasks to run automatically.

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Incident manangement
Built-in case management lets you run any flow.

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Easy access to data
1-click export of data for further analysis or reporting.

case search audit

Full audit trail
All changes are tracked for compliance with standards.

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1-click reporting
Filter and run reports on all completed cases and tasks.


Stop registering work
to prove compliance

With Gluu completed tasks – and forms – are logged and reported automatically. This means less documentation after work is done.

How Gluu for Quality helps…

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All employees

  • Understand how to work the right way.
  • Feel confident that you are not forgetting tasks.
  • Reduce time spent on documentation.
  • Ask questions and report issues when work is done.
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Quality Leaders

  • Make Quality, Health, Safety and Environment everyone’s business.
  • Pass audits by proving compliance.
  • Keep everyone informed about changes.
  • Easier onboarding and training to raise awareness.
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  • Reduce quality and compliance cost.
  • Fewer IT systems.
  • Ensure a more agile quality effort.

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