Management consultant?
Enable your clients to execute

Your prospective clients will hesitate to hire you, if they doubt that your recommendations will be executed internally. See why and how Gluu can help you to digitalise the new ways of working.

There is a match

Gluu is an online platform that supports companies and organisations during their entire journey to new ways of working. While our platform gets great reviews it is still just a tool in the hands of the people that set the direction. You know what they say:

“If you automate a mess, then you get an automated mess.”

The point with this is that we see a much higher ROI when Gluu is implemented on the back of an initiative that is on the company’s strategic agenda. So once you have helped your client to set a new direction, then our platform can help ensure that all regular activities and tasks support this direction. This is why our partnering with you can lead to more successful clients – for the benefit of you, your clients and us.

Using Gluu doesn’t require technical skills. Anybody that can use Office 365 can use Gluu to set up and run processes. In other words, you may have found a simple way to help your clients to become digital – without starting any IT projects.

This is how Gluu supports a typical consulting delivery model:

consulting delivery model

How the Gluu platform’s tools support each phase in a typical consulting engagement.

Process success has many moving parts

Now, let us clarify how Gluu helps you in your day-to-day work with the client. In short, Gluu helps you to keep processes, roles, activities, work instructions, tasks, communications and changes in sync at all times. While you can manage this for one or two processes it quickly becomes overwhelming for you and the client.

See how our Gluu helps you remove the friction of process work in this short video:

Teaching your client’s employees how to fish

A lot of consulting engagements end up as a few workshops and perhaps some brilliant presentations on the client’s shared drive. If you are concerned with your client’s long term value from engaging with you then consider the value of a platform that allows you to engage their employees in large numbers and beyond the limits of time and geography that you normally face.

Gluu can help you to help your clients to increase their own capacity to change. You know the saying:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; show him how to fish and you feed him for a life time.”

We believe that if you genuinely want to create long-term value for your client, establish a real relationship and turn your client into an ambassador, then do your utmost to make yourself redundant by addressing the root cause of the client’s issue. The Gluu platform will then help you to implement the new activities, tasks and behaviours effectively and efficiently.

Other benefits

Our consulting partners mention other benefits from using Gluu:

  • Stay involved longer
    When you help to create an internal community of practice around roles, processes and work in general, then the conversation about issues, ideas and challenges will move online. This is your chance to coach through dialogue on an ongoing basis. You may also spot ideas for new projects with the client.
  • Use your own time more productively
    Gluu automates most of the work with keeping the information updated, change controlling and communicating it to the right people. This leaves more time for engaging with your client. Gluu also lets you create a template account that you can use to easily share your best practice processes across clients. See more
  • Take the role as facilitator
    Some larger consultancies do all the work. This leaves the client’s employees detached and perhaps even hostile to change. With Gluu you can help them do much of the process work themselves. This way you can extend your reach both in terms of numbers of employees and geography.

Ideal partner profile

We’re looking for partners that:

  • Are highly experienced.
    A lot of real facilitation experience – at least 8 years.
    Independent or individual consultant Work on their own or with a small group of partners.
  • Primarily work with SMEs
    Mostly works for clients that have between 30 and 1.000 employees.
  • Work with business improvement, quality or change execution.
    Is skilled in one or more of these disciplines: Lean, business process management, process improvement, TWI, Strategy Execution, organisational development and/or compliance management.