Bottleneck (in business process)


What is a Bottleneck?

A bottleneck is an inefficiency in a process that slows progress, often by increasing the workload.

A bottleneck is a constraint in the process that creates a backlog of work to be done. These are typically not good for any process. The following questions may help the team understand the nature of the bottlenecks:

How to tackle bottlenecks

Multiple solutions are available to tackle identified issues. Bottlenecks must go through a deep analysis to find the most suitable resolution.  Here are some suggestions of how to deal with bottlenecks:

Further resources:

Read about the Lean technique called Makigami to learn how to find bottlenecks and other faults

Source: Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge (BPM CBOK, 2009), The Association of Business Process Management Professionals

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