Present to your colleagues

Now that your scope is clear, management is on board and you have assigned clear responsibilities for each process, the time has come to include more colleagues.

  1. Introduction to process improvement
  2. Prepare your business collaboration tool
  3. Make a process hierarchy and a process blueprint
  4. Appoint, nominate and educate process owners
  5. Present to your colleagues
  6. Make process flow charts
  7. Stabilise your processes
  8. Maintain process focus


It is important that everyone feels included and understands why a process also includes their work.

If everyone has access to view the processes they are part of, then there is a higher chance that they reflect real work practice. Otherwise, your process initiative may end up as a theoretical exercise for management.

STEP 5.1

How to involve your colleagues for ownership

First, decide who the processes should be introduced to. It is ideal if your process hierarchy covers the company as a whole. In this case, everyone should be invited. However, if the hierarchy covers only one business area, then you should, of course, limit your invitations.

  1. Organise an event to assemble everyone and present process mapping. For example a social event, a “town hall meeting” or a fixed weekly or monthly meeting. Given that your processes are online you can also introduce changes virtually.
  2. Get the most enthusiastic senior management member to introduce your process hierarchy and the end-to-end processes in the meeting.
  3. Introduce process owners as those who have the ball from now on, and who will invite selected employees to process mapping workshops.
  4. Pass the torch to someone from the project. 

Workshop – Present process mapping to your colleagues
OutcomeYour team is introduced to the platform and how it is used in everyday life.
ParticipantEveryone working with the process and users on the platform.
Agenda– Demonstration of the platform.

– Review of processes, activities and roles.

– Presentation of process owners.

– Clarification of questions.


Article: “Involve people early in continuous improvement,” Gluu 2012


  • Senior management has publicly endorsed your process plan.
  • Process owners have received an official mandate.
  • Answered any questions or concerns from employees.

Next step: Start your process mapping!

This was chapter five of our Complete Guide to Process Success. In our next chapter, we’ll be covering how and why to Review and map processes. We’ve also given some detailed examples of how to review process maps and how you can help your process owner.