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Stop being unsure if all tasks in your end-to-end processes are done right

Søren Pommer
Last updated on 25/10/2023

Ensure the correctness of all tasks in your end-to-end processes confidently. Getting important recurring tasks done in time is critical in any company. More often than not it just takes too much time and management attention . What if there was a way to combine the delegation, instruction and documentation of recurring tasks? Then a lot of time waste and errors could be avoided.

In this webinar we will explore a ways for feeling more certain that work is done right. Join us this Friday and see how you can avoid:

  • Hand-holding every case through your organization.
  • Forgetting critical tasks.

Watch it now! Or read the main takeaways listed below ⬇️

Key Points and Takeaways from the Webinar:

  1. Introduction to Gluu: Gluu is a business management platform designed to simplify, execute, and enhance processes.
  2. Incorporating Task Management: Task management is typically not part of traditional business process management tools, but Gluu integrates it for efficient task execution.
  3. Types of Tasks: Gluu recognizes two main types of tasks: time-recurring tasks that can be scheduled and task flows involving multiple steps.
  4. Challenges of Traditional Task Management: Traditional task management methods involve individual task recording, which can lead to inconsistency, lack of oversight, and excessive paperwork.
  5. Benefits of Gluu for Tasks: Gluu streamlines task delegation, instruction, and documentation within processes, saving time and reducing errors.
  6. Linking Tasks and Processes: Integrating task management with process management tools enhances responsibility and ownership among employees, ensuring process compliance.
  7. Demonstration of Gluu for Tasks: A demonstration illustrates how Gluu manages tasks within a process, combining work instructions with assigned roles and responsibilities.
  8. Different Task Types: Gluu handles different task types, including scheduled tasks for recurring activities and sequenced tasks within a process.
  9. External Collaboration: Gluu allows for external parties, such as suppliers, to access and complete tasks within a shared case, enhancing collaboration and information sharing.
  10. Data Analysis and Reporting: Gluu offers data export options, including Excel and Power BI integration, for in-depth analysis and reporting on task and case management.
  11. Flexibility in Case Building: While Gluu provides standardized case flows, it also offers flexibility to add ad hoc tasks to accommodate exceptions and variations.
  12. Integration Capabilities: Organizations can integrate tools like Power Automate or UI Path into Gluu’s case and task management.
  13. Collaboration with Suppliers: Gluu facilitates collaboration with suppliers by sharing specific tasks or information within cases.
  14. Conclusion and Contact Information: The webinar concludes with a mention of a summer break and an invitation to contact Gluu for more information, demonstrations, or assistance in setting up cases.

These key points highlight the importance of integrating task management within business processes using Gluu, the advantages it offers, and its flexibility for various types of tasks and collaborations.

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