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Buy Gluu via Azure and pay through Microsoft

Microsoft Azure - the cloud for modern business
Søren Pommer
By on 08/12/2020

We’re happy to announce that Gluu now can be bought directly through Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. This means you buy Gluu subscriptions under your organization’s Microsoft Customer Agreement and pay for it via your regular Microsoft invoice. No extra contracts or invoices and often automatic compliance with your IT policies.

Buying solutions from small software providers in foreign countries can raise eyebrows with your procurement and legal teams. Have you done your due diligence? What about contracts? Are we facing any risk here? Sometimes we at Gluu hear about such objections when business user wants to buy Gluu and involve their IT and Procurement colleagues 

“This is about making Gluu easier to do business with for Microsoft’s customers.” 
Søren Pommer, Gluu’s CEO 

In short, what matters is that if the business side in a company wants to use Gluu then they should face no IT, legal or procurement challenges to buy and use our software. 

So today you can buy Gluu via credit card or invoice and now also via your Microsoft representative or directly via the Azure Marketplace. 

It just takes about 5 minutes to set up a Gluu account via Azure 

To do this you involve one of your company’s Azure administrators. They then… 

  • Go to the Gluu offer on the Azure Marketplace. 
  • Click ‘Get it now’ to go into your company’s Azure tenant. 
  • Subscribe to the desired number of Gluu plans. 
  • Enter your new Gluu account and start inviting business users immediately. 
  • This starts a free trial period and once this expires then the charges for your Gluu subscriptions will happen via your Azure bill. Simple as that. 

Now everyone who’s in your Azure AD can sign in to Gluu via the Microsoft button. So security and access management are built-in. We’re also ready to integrate with all your other services in Azure. 

The Azure admin can always add or remove subscriptions and cancel the subscription at any time. Gluu becomes just another Azure service to manage.  

Which types of Microsoft customers benefit most from buying this way? 

Buying Gluu this way may be ideal if you want to 

Have the Gluu subscription fees count towards any ‘Azure Consumption Commitments that you may have in your Microsoft agreement 

Avoid negotiating a contract with a new IT vendor. 

 Avoid legal risk with contracting with parties outside your home country. 

 Have fewer invoices and less paperwork. 

 Fit Gluu into your organization’s current service management structure. 

 Gradually roll-out Gluu to more parts of your organization. 

You can read more about the details about buying and contracting in this article from Microsoft. 


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