Gluu earns 2018 User Experience Award and Rising Star Awards

Gluu wins two awards from FinancesOnline. Great User Experience and Rising Star of 2018.
Gabriel Hourigan
By on 23/11/2018

Gluu has made excellent progress in 2018, and this recognition from the reviewsite FinancesOnline makes it all the sweeter.

Gluu has won the 2018’s Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards from the popular B2B software review platform, FinancesOnline. The Great User Experience Award is an honour awarded annually to B2B software with an easy to use product. This evaluation is based on how well the interface and features are designed to facilitate efficient work. The Rising Star Award is given to SaaS companies with active growth and customer satisfaction.

Gluu received an overall review score of 8.0 from FinancesOnline and a user satisfaction score of 100% (with 126 positive mentions to 0 negative) at the time of this writing.

FinancesOnline evaluation process

To come to this evaluation FinancesOnline used their unique SmartScore system where they evaluated:

  • Main functionality (20%): rates Gluu’s ability to provide an all-in-one process management tool.
  • Collaboration Features (20%): rates Gluu’s functionalities that allow team members to work together, share documents, ideas and best practices.
  • Customisation (15%): rates Gluu’s customisation tools. Are organisations able to match Gluu functionality with their specific processes and current needs?
  • Integration (15%): rates Gluu’s ability to unite with other third-party software providers, e.g. Google Apps & Microsoft.
  • Ease of Use (10%): rates Gluu’s learning curve and how convoluted the software’s systems are.
  • General impression (5%): reflective opinion of the author based upon research and analysis of users and experts.
  • Help & Support (5%): rating of Gluu’s ease of access to live support staff and learning/knowledge resources.
  • Security (5%): rates Gluu’s software security.
  • Mobility (5%): rates Gluu’s mobile platform based on functionality, performance and availability.

“Regarded as one of the most user-friendly platforms, lets the business owners/managers create tasks and add the concerned personnel working on that project to that task group”. – FinancesOnline

FinancesOnline praised Gluu as one of the most user-friendly platforms in BPM, and its ability to get everyone on board with the latest updates and developments in a project.

We’re thrilled that Gluu has won 2018’s Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards from FinancesOnline. However, we will continue to develop, aiming to provide the most complete BPM platform for our clients.

Please visit to post your own review of Gluu, and thanks for your support through another amazing year. If you’d like to know what all is all about, check out our why Gluu page.

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