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Managing improvement ideas effectively

Gabriel Hourigan
Last updated on 19/10/2023

Tired of process improvement ideas getting lost or not managed? In this webinar we discuss this problem and introduce Gluu’s new ‘Manage change suggestion feature’ that solves it.

Watch this webinar and learn three things:

  • a way to engage your colleagues to participate in process improvement.
  • how to organize ideas and suggestions in the context of your business processes and SOPs.
  • how to manage the full idea refinement and approval process from when an employee submits it until it is implemented.

Watch it now! Or read the main takeaways listed below ⬇️

Takeaways from process improvement ideas webinar

  1. Introduction to Managing Improvement Suggestions and Ideas: The webinar focuses on effectively managing improvement suggestions and ideas within an organization.
  2. Engaging Colleagues in Process Improvement:
    • Encouraging colleagues to participate in process improvement is crucial.
    • Employee-driven improvements are valuable as they come from those with firsthand experience.
  3. Importance of Employee-Driven Improvements:
    • Frontline employees often possess the most knowledge about problems within an organization.
    • Establishing a feedback loop from top management to frontline employees is vital for process improvements.
  4. Challenges in Managing Improvement Suggestions:
    • Informal methods like suggestion boxes or emails can lead to unstructured and inefficient processes.
    • Lack of transparency can discourage employees from making suggestions.
  5. The Role of Process Owners:
    • Process owners play a key role in handling improvement suggestions.
    • They are responsible for managing, analyzing, and implementing these suggestions.
  6. Continuous Small Improvements vs. Infrequent Large Projects:
    • Small, continuous improvements from employees can lead to significant overall progress and cost savings.
    • Balancing small, frequent improvements with occasional larger projects is recommended.
  7. Lean Philosophy and Frontline Empowerment:
    • Empowering employees closest to customers or the value-adding process aligns with the Lean philosophy.
    • Problems at the frontline should be celebrated and addressed promptly.
  8. Formalizing Improvement Processes:
    • Establishing a formal structure for capturing, analyzing, and implementing improvement suggestions is essential.
    • Gluu provides tools to streamline this process.
  9. Transparency and Communication:
    • Keeping improvement suggestions and discussions transparent helps engage employees.
    • Discussions and analysis should involve relevant stakeholders.
  10. Measurement and Evaluation:
    • The impact of improvements can be measured in terms of process performance, cost reduction, or time savings.
    • Reverting to previous process versions is possible if a change has an adverse effect.
  11. Future Features:
    • Gluu plans to enhance its platform with features like stronger filtering options and formal approval steps for process changes.
    • Integration with other tools and platforms is also considered.
  12. Scaling and Implementation:
    • Start small with a group of employees and processes to pilot improvement management.
    • Encourage employees to actively participate in suggesting improvements.
    • Gradually scale the approach to other parts of the organization.

This summary provides the key points and takeaways from the webinar, highlighting the significance of employee-driven process improvement and how Gluu’s platform facilitates the management of improvement suggestions and ideas within an organization.

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