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Danish energy companies make workflows visible to employees

Visible, digitally documented processes are essential for the operation of critical infrastructure, such as the supply of electricity, gas and the Internet. Therefore, Danish energy companies such as Norlys, Verdo A/S and Jysk Energi are currently in the process of documenting the work routines with the Danish process platform Gluu.

The goal is that employees jointly can spread and optimize the companies’ common way of working. This way the organization can ensure that best practice is adhered to in every conceivable situation.

Although digital platforms, such as Teams, help many companies to share knowledge about work, the work processes themselves must also be usable digitally.

An example is Norlys, which with around 1.5 million customers is Denmark’s largest telecommunications and energy group. Here, the process platform Gluu has been chosen to accelerate many years of work to document and ensure important joint work processes for the 2,500 employees.

As part of Denmark’s critical infrastructure with the supply of electricity, natural gas, internet, and TV, it is crucial that our business processes and critical tasks are completely clear for everyone.

Danish energy companies make workflows visible to employees, Gluu

says Senior Process Consultant & Change Manager Mia Blaabjerg from Norlys. She further elaborates:

“We have replaced our previous platform with Gluu because the platform is good at making all our fixed workflows visual. In this way, all employees can more easily understand the proper process and work instruction for the task, and we have the opportunity to propose changes online so that processes can be constantly developed and optimized for the reality of each function.”

In addition to making and standardizing the processes, Gluu also ensures that crucial knowledge is not lost when experienced colleagues retire or change jobs.

“More and more companies are realizing the need for workflows to be fully visible and digitally accessible to everyone. It’s about elevating good practice in one place to a standard for all. In this way, a combination of e.g. processes and video can more easily transfer knowledge from older and experienced employees to the new ones. More and more industries are seeing the importance of this and we have seen a doubling in the number of inquiries and sales since March.”

says Søren Pommer, founder of Gluu.