Manage onboarding, online learning and competencies in one app


Make every onboarding your best

Studies show that if the onboarding experience is poor then new employees are likely to leave faster. A good experience requires attention to detail. Every time. This is where Gluu can help you.

Conditional fields and process maps

Map your onboarding process
Show who is responsible for which activity.

Run every new hire as a case
Ensure every onboarding follows your standard.

Manage tasks across departments
Make sure everyone completes their tasks for every new employee.


Report on each onboarding
Automatically track and report for compliance and GDPR.

Create training for any subject
Delegate training creation to Subject Matter Experts.

Send training to the right people automatically
Save time by ensuring that employees with specific roles are trained. 

Complete training on any device
Let employees complete training via mobile apps or the web to raise completion rates. 


Track and report on each training
See who is missing and prove that critical safety, hygiene and security training are done.


Manage online training with ease

Making sure that every employee is trained on time is hard. Gluu lets you deliver online training to the right employees automatically – and track that they are completed. This saves you time, avoids errors and gives you peace of mind. 


A single place for competency development

Making sure that each employee has the right competencies for the job takes a lot of time. Gluu lets you manage your organization’s competencies in close connection with employees’ roles and training. This helps you avoid errors and saves a lot of time.


Set competency goals for each role
Make it easy to manage all competencies to the same standard.

Alert get messages

Audit that no certificate expires
Get notified if certain certificates are about to expire for specific employees.

Assess employees’ competencies against goals
Make sure everyone meets the requirements of the job function.

Map your appraisal process 
Show who is responsible for which activity.

Run every employee group in a consistent way
Ensure every appraisal workflow follows your standard. 


Report on each employee’s appraisal
Automatically track and report securely.

Help managers and employees manage appraisal tasks
Make sure everyone complete their tasks in time.  


Run performance appraisals consistently

Who ensures that every manager meets with every employee regularly to review performance? Gluu makes sure this happens in a standard way. This increases quality, employee satisfaction and saves a lot of time.  

How Gluu Helps with Your HR & Learning

All employees

  • Get best possible onboarding.
  • Complete all training as if it was a regular task.
  • Complete training from any device at the most convenient time.
  • Ask questions and report issues.

Process owners

  • Standardize the onboarding process, so no activity is ever forgotten.
  • Can create training for any subject.
  • Get improvement ideas and data in the right context.
  • Edit and communicate Standard Work in one flow to ensure the most optimal onboarding & training.


  • A consolidated overview of process performance and compliance.
  • Can easily and consistencly run performance appraisals.
  • Easier onboarding and introduction to standard work.

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