Business Process Maturity


What is Business Process Maturity?

Business process maturity is an indication of how close a developing process is to continuous improvement.

Before beginning the analysis process, it is important to understand the maturity of the organisation in relation to the Business Process Maturity scale that is defined in the chapter “Enterprise Process Management (Chapter 9) of the CBOK. Understanding the maturity of the organisation in process management will help define the level of analysis preparation needed. 

An organisation that is relatively new to the idea of process management will need, first, to be briefed on the concepts of process management that are described in the CBOKThey will need to understand the purpose of process management and the benefits it will provide the organisation. Alternatively, an organisation that already manages its business by process knows the benefits and simply needs to analyse a process in question.

Rating your organisation’s process maturity

There are five levels of process maturity from level 1 (minimal maturity) to level 5 (peak maturity). There is also level 0, which indicates that process mapping has not begun for this activity.

Further resources:

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Source: Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge (BPM CBOK, 2009), The Association of Business Process Management Professionals

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