Process Architect

Process Architect Definition

A Process Architect is trusted with developing and maintaining process standards.

Business or process architects may function in a business or technology role. Depending on the orientation, they may be focused on managing business performance or on mapping technology to business operations. Process architects are responsible for developing and maintaining a repository of reference models and standards with regard to a company’s products and services, business processes, performance measures, and organisation. They are engaged in business process analysis and transformation initiatives. Their involvement may be from standards and compliance perspective, or as they may serve as subject matter experts to advise the team on the company’s process methodology. Through the analysis of business process architecture, companies identify opportunities for market advantage, business-integration, and various internal process initiatives.

Further resources:

Guide to creating a process hierarchy

Source: Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge (BPM CBOK, 2009), The Association of Business Process Management Professionals

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